Monday, March 1, 2010

so you don't want to pay, but it is ok if i do?

This is interesting. Today I sat down and went through 40 new matches (yikes!). After a 13 hour day at work, i came home and looked and another computer screen for a few hours doing this. I have to say, there is a lot of up front work to do with this whole thing in order to get a few dates. I mean, I am just starting my third month and while i have been communicating with 40+ matches i have only actually met two of them for a date. That seems a little low for all the time and effort this takes.

Additionally, today i had matches from two guys who clearly said that they were not interested in paying for the site but to reach out if you wanted to get to know them outside of it. Ummm, what? So you don't want to pay, but it is okay if i do? Nope, that is not the way this works.

As of this evening i am in open communication with 14 guys ... some of these conversations are just getting a bit long. I mean, two or three messages back and forth max, then let's just meet! If we keep talking through email there will be nothing left to cover when/if we actually meet.
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