Sunday, July 17, 2011

A few random things ...

  1. The dew point in Minneapolis over the past two days has been higher than in the Amazon. WTF.

  2. My car turned 1 year old on July 14th! Happy Birthday to my little VW Golf!!!

  3. I went to my first UMN CSOM MBA happy hour last week and got to meet some people that I will be starting my program with in the fall.

  4. As of today - Monday, July 18 - I am doing Weight Watchers online for three months. What can I say? I do some work with WW at work and have heard good things about it. Call it first hand consumer research if you will, but I just really want (need) to lose weight. So look for updates on how WW is going!

  5. I spent 3 days "up north" and will say that while relaxing, I don't need to do that again for another 4 years or so. Peace and quiet 24/7 is not really my thing.


  1. Good for you on the whole WW thing. I'm desperately needing to start losing some weight LOL It's just so freaking hard! Let us know how it goes!!!!

  2. Thanks for the support Nicole. First update: day 1 and I am hungry! Gotta start getting used to eating more "free" zero point stuff to fill me up ...


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