Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5 Things About Final Destination 5

First of all ... don't judge me ... it was a free screening and I only went dragging my feet!

But none-the-less ... now that I have (sort of) seen it, I gotta comment. So, 5 fun tidbits about Final Destination 5:
  1. The acting and storyline were just incredible - such wit and intelligence! I particularly enjoyed Tom Cruise's role in the movie. Wait ... what? That wasn't Tom Cruise? Are you sure? He dressed like Tom. And swaggered like Tom. And talked like Tom. And acted like Tom. Seriously? Not Tom? Damn.
  2. Great use of 3D - because I really enjoy watching deadly objects fly at my face (the few times my eyes were open).
  3. I'll admit ... my eyes were closed about half the time. I only watched the suspenseful in-between scenes filled with drama, romance and angst! Then when things started going bad, closed went my eyes! Really funny though to listen to sounds in the theater when the death scenes took place. Because, you know, it takes the victims a few tries to really die. So you hear the audience first go "ooo" than "eeek" then perhaps an "ohhhhhh" followed by one more "uuuuhhh". Then, went those suspensful not-fully-dead moments are over, you finally hear the final bang/pop/crack/boom/buzz/etc from the screen and then the audience starts to giggle and laugh. Yes, giggle and laugh. And I can open my eyes again!
  4. Great use of 3D in the previews. And thank you for making them last like 10 minutes. Just name after name of E-list actors you could have been making up for all I knew with stuff exploding from the screen at me. I suppose you gotta really get everyone in on the upfront credits since NO ONE will stay to watch them roll at the end. Except maybe to find out if it was Tom Cruise for real.
  5. The ending was actually pretty good ... tied things together up with a pretty little bow ... so or I assume. I never really saw the other ones.

P.S. Thank goodness there are still good actors/directors/writers out there that bring better things than this to the screen. I need to see a good movie STAT this weekend to redeem my faith in motion-picture-kind. Help ... here I come!

P.P.S. If you at any point read the above 5 points and missed the ironic tone/thought I was serious ... that's just sad.

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  1. Haha...I will admit, at first I thought you were completely serious. I was thinking, "Wow, she must have really horrible taste in movies." Then I finished the entry and breathed a sigh of relief. You redeemed yourself :P

    Very nice review. I haven't seen this movie (I stopped watching after FD3) but I expected it to be a pile of crap and it sounds like my expectations are met.



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