Monday, August 29, 2011

I Need Your Opinion ... 406Photography Watermark Design

Hey there ...

Working on a new look for 406Photography!!! Updating some things, upgrading some others. As part of this, I am reworking the watermark. Came up with a bunch of different ideas and tweaks tonight and I want YOUR opinion!!! Would mean a lot to me if you could drop a comment with your favorite. I definitely have mine at this point, but want to see if others agree!

Here is a small cheat sheet of the 10 looks that developed as I was working. Some are stronger than others and my favorite is buried in there. These are not numbered in any particular order! As you can tell, they are all in various shades of greys and whites with varying opacity. These elements will vary (but stay within the same general family) depending on the colors/tones of the photo receiving the watermark. Except for the red ... which would clearly remain red throughout.

Let me know your thoughts! I really really appreciate it!

Below is the same photo each with a sample watermark to see "the look".


  1. 3, 9, and 1 look good. I think I like 9 the best, though, because it distracts the least from the photo.


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