Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 more movies that make me want to buy a plane ticket: Part 3

Just in case you missed the previous two installments, make sure to check out the first 20 movies in Part I and Part 2.

And the list continues ... there are just so many great movies with great locations and incredible scenery that make me want to get on a plane! Honestly, I will pretty much watch any movie no matter how bad if it has the right location featured!

Chalet Girl
The Place: The Alps; filmed at Garmisch-Partenkircken and St Anton
The Story: She's a chalet girl, he's the rich chalet owner. She overcomes a painful history to become an awesome snowboarder, and kinda falls for the Westwick in the meantime.
Been There/Done That Moment: Oh yeah. Spent a fair amount of time in the Alps in my life, including particularly GP. Love the Alps in winter - it truly is a magical white winter wonderland.

Last Holiday
The Place: Austria and Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic
The Story: She just found out she's got a terminal disease and decides that life really is too short. She goes off to the Grand Hotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary to live out her remaining days in the lifestyle she has always dreamed of.
Been There/Done That Moment: Definitely. Spent a day wandering the quaint streets of Karlovy Vary and enjoyed the Grand Hotel Pupp (though, not the food).

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
The Place: Thailand, Bangkok and the Phuket 
The Story: Bridget's life is falling into place. But then, or course, it falls spectacularly apart. And somehow she ends up working with Hugh Grant again and they are off to Thailand. Where of course, she get's accused of trying to smuggle drugs out. Oh Bridget.
Been There/Done That Moment: Bangkok yes. Phuket and the beaches, not yet. But really really want to!

Love Actually
The Place: London
The Story: Lots of story lines and plots intersect as the movie winds through the lives of numerous characters along the streets of London.
Been There/Done That Moment: Definitely been to London. I love London. I would move to London tomorrow if I could.

Made of Honor
The Place: NYC and Scotland
The Story: He's her best friend and she is marrying a Scotish Prince. Of course she wants him standing right beside her on her big day. Problem is, he has just realized she is more than his friend.
Been There/Done That Moment: Yes, BTDT for NYC and the movie does a nice job of highlighting those places. But very sorry to say that I have not been to Scotland yet. After seeing the beautiful green scenery in this movie though, it is definitely on my to do list.

The Price & Me
The Place: Denmark
The Story: He is a wild Price from Denmark who decides to leave his royal persona behind and go to school in Wisconsin where he meets farm-girl Julia. But when she finds out who he really is, what will happen? She follows him to Denmark of course.
Been There/Done That Moment: Went to Denmark for Thanksgiving break while I was studying broad in Barcelona. Copenhagen is beautiful and we even took the train up to see Frederiksbork Slot (the exterior setting for his parent's castle). We pretty much had the entire castle to ourselves.

Mamma Mia!
The Place: Islands of Greece.
The Story: Sofie's getting married and she wants her dad to be there. So she invites the three possible candidates to her mother island resort. Lots of singing and revelations ensue in this Abba musical.
Been There/Done That Moment: Two weeks of island hoping one summer. Fabulous. I want more!

Letter's to Juliet
The Place: Verona, Italy
The Story: In Verona she discovers a group of woman who respond to the letters left at Juliet's home. When she finds a very old letter and responds she starts on an adventure to find one woman's true love from 60 years ago. And maybe her true love as well.
Been There/Done That Moment: Been to Italy and been to Verona. In fact ... been to Juliet's house and left a note on the wall myself. Hoping to find my true love too.

The Place: Lot's places ... but I am talking about Paris.
The Story: It's a dream within a dream within a dream. Which is fine ... because I have been dreaming of Leo since the days of Titanic.
Been There/Done That Moment: I really really liked the Paris scenes. They just felt so very real. And definitely BTDT.

Sex and the City (The TV Show)
The Place: New York City
The Story: 4 best friends go through life and love in the City.
Been There/Done That Moment: Been to NYC but not to many of the great places that Carrie and her fiends are able to. But every time I see the show (and that is often, since I own the giant pink velvet bible DVD edition) I want to go to NYC. Hell, I want to MOVE to NYC.

And now ... a few of those Been There/Done That photo moments:

Garmish, Germany
Winter Wonderland in the Alps
Alpine adventures

Winter Wonderland in Bavaria
Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
Bangkok, Thailand



Fredriksborg Slot, Denmark

Fredriksborg Slot, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

The clear water of the Greek Isles.


Santorini, Greece

Letters to Juliet in Verona

Juliet's statue at Juliet's house in Verona
Oh Paris!
Oh Paris!
Oh Paris!
New York, New York!
New York, New York!
New York, New York!



  1. LOVED THIS POST!!!! Mamma Mia and Letters to Juliet are just fabulous!!! Great pictures by the way...wish I could go to all the places you've been!

  2. You have such great travel experiences...totally jealous!



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