Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sneak Peak Movie Review: Moneyball

Who am I to ever pass up a free movie ... especially when it is one that I actually really really want to see. Yeah ... that's Moneyball. Hellllllllloooooo Brad Bitt .... and good evening Aaron Sorkin. I am ready to be taken away ...

Moneyball comes out September 23rd.

Basic Premise:
True story based on the book by Michael Lewis by the same name. Billy Beane is the GM for the Oakland A's, a team lacking success and with a very small player budget. Working with a young economics major from Yale, he builds a team of misfits and seemingly random players to become the ultimate team. For $41M he creates a team that, although they falter at the beginning, ends up having a pretty darn good season. While other teams like the Yankees spent upwards of $125M, with his instinct and computer-generated models, Beane was able to to defy traditional baseball theory ... and make it work. The film focuses primarily on the off-the-field activities and looks at Beane's own history and the traditional aspects of baseball that he defied.

So ... first. Let me say, I don't enjoy baseball, but I did definitely enjoyed this film. You don't have to really like or even understand the sport in order to enjoy this movie. While it is about baseball, it really manages to go beyond that and is also a movie with heart and good characters and an enjoyable story. Also, there are not too many scenes of actual baseball playing ... so you won't get too bored watching that. But where there are some tense game scenes, let me tell you, even I got excited and was anxious to see what happened!!!

Some of the best scenes are when Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are on screen together - they really work well together. Also, not sure who all the scouts were, but they were great! I felt like they were those people! One of the my favorite scenes was at the beginning where they were all sitting around the conference table with Pitt and Hill and they were arguing, with Pitt occasionally pointing to Hill for one work responses ... "you gotta carry the 1 ...". Haha.

Nice casting with actors that do a good job and work well with each other. Great script by Sorkin. Beautiful directing from Bennett Miller (who has only done 1 other movie and 1 document ...). And nice cinematography and editing. Really liked the way the scenes were shot and the angles, and loved how in some of the baseball scenes it just goes completely silent ... makes you extra tense! Also ... any movie that features Lenka's The Show gets points in my book. Especially the way it ends on the song ...

All in all, thoroughly good movie even if you don't like baseball. And if you do ... well ... bonus.

Also, it makes me want to watch Social Network. And go to a Twins game at the nice field on a crisp fall night (and eat a hot dog and drink a beer).

In case you need a refresher ... here is the preview:

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