Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why do all undergrads seem so young?!?!?

If you've been following along, you know that last May I took my GMAT got accepted into Grad School for my MBA at my Undergrad alma mater - the University of Minnesota. Mixed emotions about all this - ready for something new in my life but nervous about homework and classes and losing my personal time. And nervous about the finances of course. The only reason I am going part time here in MN is so that I don't have to take out loans - I am sinking my savings into grad school, as well as the little my company reimburses. I don't have any debt ... and I don't want to start now. So, I put my wistful dreams of grad school in London or Madrid behind me and settled for the program. I don't normally agree with settling ... so I really really hope I am not making a mistake here. So I have pretty much completely ignored the fact that I start school next week all summer long. It just freaks me out, so why think about it too much?

Alas, I finally had to give in and do something today - go to the U bookstore for my course material. OMG. What an experience. I think a lot of my mixed feelings have to do with the fact that I did my undergrad here and it feels odd being back and being older. Rather than walking over from the old AKPsi house, I drove from my apartment and parked in the lot. And up up up I go to the bookstore. Eeeek. Undergrads everywhere. They look sooooooooooooooooo young.

In the bookstore, I felt this odd need to tell those people around me that I was NOT one of them. Not entirely sure why ... and I didn't actually do it. But, I felt like they should know that I have already done this. I am not one of them. Spent $200 on books for one class (ONE) and my other one didn't even have any books posted yet. Wonderful. I am going to have to make another trip.

Afterwards, I walked outside Coffman and over to the Mall area. I always liked this part of camps - it just feels so collegiate. I never really had classes over here since all business and art history courses are over on the other bank, but I liked to come here to sit and read and take it in. So I spent some time today walking around. Watching the people reading on the grass and watching sports. Checking out the bulletin boards full of various posters. The air felt crisp and the sun didn't warm my skin as much. Sure signs that summer is at an end.

But about these undergrads. I definitely did not dress like that. Some observations:
  • Who wears short shorts? Undergrad freshman girls wear short shorts. Too short.
  • How cute ... they actually wear their U cards on those fashionable lanyards around these necks.
  • Sweatpants belong in two places (and two places only): at the gym and at home for comfort. NOT to be worn outside.
  • I know you all go to the U ... but does that mean you all have to wear U attire?
  • To the boys playing frisbee/soccer/football on the Mall. Oh dear. I liked the no-shirt look as an undergrad because you were somewhere between the ages of 18 and 22 and so it was ok. But now that I am 26 I cannot look at that anymore ... you are too young for me to be looking at!
  • I really don't like those little drawstring backpack things. My opinion.

First class is on Wednesday. Oh god. Here I go. Mixed feelings ... such mixed feelings.


  1. Interesting to read your comments as a 26 year old on campus.
    Good luck on Wednesday!
    Only 19 year old freshmans freak out, you are a veteran so relax!

  2. Your comment about lanyards made me laugh. I'm in my senior year of college, and second year of working in Residence Life. We handed out lanyards this year, and even if we hadn't, it's still easy to spot the freshmen from yards away because of the lanyards.

    And you are definitely not old! My mom is a 2nd year grad student this year, and she and I will graduate a day apart in May. Kudos to you! :)


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