Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fabulous darling, just fabulous. Halloween 2011.

Question: What's a girl to dress up as for Halloween when she owns 8 LBDs (little black dresses ... duh), adores Audrey Hepburn and doesn't particularly enjoy "costumes"?

Answer: Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's, as made famous by Audrey Hepburn.

Throw on a LBS with a couple of white necklaces (okay, not as classy as Holly's most likely) and add some elbow-length black gloves. And the ultimate in Audrey - do a bouffant in your hair and add a sparkly jeweled comb in front. Add a cigarette thingy and ... TADA ... Holly Golightly! (for effect, I also had sunglasses with me).

It's not a perfect match (haha ... if only that were possible), but the effect is pretty cool.
I actually have the poster on the left hanging in my closet for inspiration. I adore Audrey!

Honestly though, I was very disappointed in the lack of recognition. Very few people actually got it. I thought it was pretty obvious, even if it was not perfect.

Sporting the sunglasses.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Travel Tuesday: 2007 Rugby World Cup in France

This past weekend was the final game of this years Rugby World Cup - France vs New Zealand. The All Blacks won. Yay!!! I'm not gonna lie ... I don't really know that much about Rugby, but my dad likes it so I've seen a little bit over the years and I like it. Those guys are huge and intense ... and their shorts fit very snugly on their fit butts.

Sorry about that ... got a little distracted there.

Anyway, 4 years ago the World Cup was in France and I was in Paris at the same time. It was very cool to be in the city of lights at that time - the energy was so high! It's always cool when there are huge events like this that take over a city (or country), it just makes everything so much cooler and it makes the experience and atmosphere incredible. I would love to go London for the Olympics for this very reason! In the meantime though, I've been to Paris for the Rugby World Cup and I was living in Switzerland when they co-hosted the 2008 European Football Championship and even got to go to Vienna for the final game (Spain v. Germany ... Spain totally won). 

So while catching a little bit of rugby on Sunday, I thought a bit about Paris on that trip. It was a really good time, not my first and definitely not my last. But since it was October it was not overly-touristy and the weather was crisp and clear (and mostly dry). I had spent some time at all of the major museums in the past, but on this trip I bought a weeklong museum pass and checked out some of the smaller galleries and museums all over town as I spent my days walking and wandering. It was perfect, just getting lost on the streets and in the parks. I have very fond memories of that trip.

And then there was the Rugby, evidence of it all over the city:
  • A giant rugby ball hanging form the middle of the Eiffel Tower
  • A score board on the Eiffel Tower with a countdown to the next match-up OR the score of the current match
  • An asto-turf carpet set out in front of the Hotel de Ville in front of the giant screen where you could watch all the games
  • Classic statues ... dressed up in French rugby shirts
  • Souvenirs galore 
  • Rugby fans ... lots of them ... 
Good times ... 

Rugby ball hanging in the center of the Eiffel Tower
Scoreboard: Romania vs New Zealand. Romania was at 8 ... NZ at 85. Oh dear. Poor Romania!
Eiffel Tower all decked out for the World Cup
Vive la France!

Recent Movies: The Ides of March + Footloose

I have been a bad blogger lately. My bad. Been busy. I hope to do better ... promise. In the meantime, here is a review of the recent movies I have seen. Both great movies ... but I don't have the energy to give crazy long reviews/commentary like normal. Again ... my bad.

The Ides of March
Good. Enough said. Ryan Gosling + George Clooney. Even more-so enough said. Seriously though, the movie is a slow going political drama complete with secrets, lies, intrigue, etc. The cast is excellent - from George to Ryan to Philip Seymour Hoffman to Paul Giamatti and Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood. The story is simple and classic (and too-often close to reality), but it is told in a very elegant way with great acting and direction.

Overall, a recommended film ... but you have to be ready for this kind of movie ... don't go to this if you are in the mood for lightness, dancing and teenage angst. See Footloose instead ...

Can a remake be too close to the original? I don't know ... but if ever a film were to test that theory, Footloose could. I love the original, so of course I am going to enjoy the remake and be bouncing around in my movie theater seat. Sometimes I just gotta cut loose ... footloose ... kick off my Sunday shoes. Haha.

Seriously though, the movie is super close to the original, sometimes it felt frame for frame, but they did update some parts. And while Ren and Ariel feel a bit more sexed-up, they are still them ... down to the dress and jacket at the end. I am not a DWTS watcher, so this was my first time seeing Julianna Hough, but I gotta say she was good. As was Kenny Wormald.

If you're a fan of the original, you will definitly enjoy. Even if you haven't seen the original (like the friend I went with ... I was shocked!) ... you will probably still enjoy it.

And speaking of the original ... I just had to go home and watch it that night.

Oh Kevin Bacon ...

AND ... I totally forgot the Sarah Jessica Parker was in that movie!

Ooops! Error Page

Haha ... I've never gotten this from Amazon before! I was searching for Crazy Stupid Love (because I really like that movie and wanted to know when the DVD comes out ... November 1st ... in case you are wondering).

The message itself is cute, but I LOVE the images on the right. I'm Sorry ... My Bad. Ooops. Grave Mistake. That just made me smile!

Monday, October 24, 2011

F#%& You Parking Meter

So at the U for my MBA night classes I always skip the expensive parking ramp and go straight for metered street parking. Found a spot when I got here at 5. Got out and got my stuff and go to the meter only to see it flashing FAILURE. Grrrrrrr.

Back in the car and circle the block for 5 minutes before finding another spot. Park. Get my quarters. Go to meter. It works! Yay! First quarter in ... machine suddenly flashes FAILURE. So mad I hit the meter. Suddenly, 15 minutes flashes up. Ok. One more quarter and it still says 15 minutes. Add another quarter and it goes to 30. Last quarter ... I need 45 minutes ... And suddenly ...FAILURE! I invested $1 and got zero minutes on the meter. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

15 minutes till class at this point. Another spot opens after I circle once more and I park for a third time. And finally, the meter works and I get 30 minutes on it so I can go to class.

By the time is over I've been parking for 30 minutes. And I'm motion sick. Yes, you can get motion sick even if you are the driver.

So to the City of Minneapolis ...FIX THE METERS!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

This may be TMI ... But ...

So this may be TMI but I got such a good deal at Victoria's Secret this weekend! Pretty underthings make me happy!

So I got:
Pair of hipster panties FREE with coupon
$45 bra with $10 off with coupon plus another $10 off with my rewards certificate
Another FREE pair of panties that came with purchase of a bra

So that's ... $45+$11+$10=$66 ... And I paid just $25 for it all.

TMI? Maybe ... But such a deal!

Some Spook-Tacular Fall Pumpkin Carving

What's fall without some spoooooooky pumpkin carving!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dear Netflix Streaming:

While I spend my Saturday night in doing school work and work work (I know ... you are soooo jealous right now) I am perusing the Netflix streaming options as I enjoy background noise while I work. So ... here are a few comments I cannot help by making:

  1. How is it that the first movie to come up under "Sci-Fi & Fantasy is Miracle on 34th Street"? Really?
  2. Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries both have Season 1 on here now. This is bad!
  3. There are about 5 different versions of Pride & Prejudice for me to choose from. Yay!
  4. Thank you for having an entire category called "Classic Movies from the 1960s". That makes me smile. Charade ... Daddy Long Legs ... Aunty Mame ... Pillow Talk ... sigh ...
  5. How many movies can possibly exist under the category "Independent Mistaken-Identity Movies"?
  6. Dido the above comment on the category "Deep Sea Movies"?
  7. Oh man ... the 4 hour production that is Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra is now available! Awesome!
On that note ... back to work ... with Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Rex Harrison to keep me company ...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wherever your going ... I'm going ... your way ... (Moon River)

I love this song. I love Breakfast at Tiffanys. I love Audrey Hepburn. I love Audrey Hepburn singing Moon River in Breakfast at Tiffanys. I want to cry everytime ... sigh.

This song was originally written for Breakfast at Tiffany's by Johnny Mercer (lyrics) and Henry Mancini (music). It actually won the oscar for Best Original Song. Unlike My Fair Lady where Audrey was (without her knowledge) dubbed in all the songs, here she actually songs ... and does a marvelous job.

The BAT version ....

And a great version by Sarah Brightman ...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Don't Like These Video Games ... But I Love These Songs

I don't particularly enjoy video games. Atleast not these kinds of video games. Uhhh. No thanks.

BUT, I have to give Gears of War (what a name!) props for their cool commericials in terms of music choice. These are two that I know of from them. Lots of action, goar, weird characters, disaster, etc ... overlaid with beautiful, soulful, deep, music that you would never associate with that game. The songs are Into Dust and Mad World ... and they are two of my all-time favorite songs.

Mad World by Gary Jules

Into Dust by Mazzy Star

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10 + 5 + 89

What do these numbers have in common? Well, it's October 5th and 89 degrees.

A perfect day to enjoy a few minutes outside before class.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Colors! Sunday Trip to Taylors Falls, MN

Took a little road trip today "up north" to see the fall colors at Taylors Falls right on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Thanks to the handy state parks/fall colors maps and websites, I got up this morning and saw that the colors were pretty up there! So off we went, my little VW Golf and I. This was our first ever "road trip" since I got her 15 months ago! She's only ever been around the cities and back and forth to Mankato (I'm a flier ... not much for driving long distances).

The drive was pleasant enough and as soon as I started getting close you could definitely see the colors changing, it was beautiful! Lots of cars on the the two-lane Hwy 7 into Taylors Falls, and all apparently heading to the town/park since it was CRAZY busy. Got my little day pass and waited for a parking spot, then went out to enjoy! I will be the first to admit that I was not really dressed for hiking.What I remember of this place is the boat and taking that up and down the river, so I was dressed for that in a light dress and flats (it was 80 degrees). So rather than do any major hiking ... I took an 80 minute leisurely boat ride and enjoyed the colors on either side of the river while perched up on the life-vest chest (best seat on the boat ... and I was the last person on!).

Did a little walking in the main area after that and snapped lots of photos of the gorgeous colors. Still lots of green, but plenty of gorgeous reds and yellows ... it was really spectacular!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stephanie Plum Comes to the Big Screen

I've been reading Janet Evanovich for a long time - I find her writing quirky and her characters funny. Especially the Stephanie Plum - Joseph Morelli - Ranger triangle. Loooooooove that. Love the Plum novels. Honestly, who can get themselves into as much trouble and awkwardness as Stephanie. AND have two very good lookin' men hanging on her ... sigh.

So I was very surprised when I went to the movies tonight (What's Your Number?) and I see a preview for One For The Money!!! The first book Plum book comes to the big screen! Who know they were doing a movie ... I didn't! Wow!

Here's the preview for One For The Money:

So ... I am super excited! I have definitely thought about who would play these characters if they ever did a movie, but this is not who I was expecting.
  • Kathrine Heigl as Stephanie Plum
  • Jason O'Mara as Joe Morelli
  • Daniel Sunjata as Ranger
  • Debbie Reynolds as Grandma
I am definitely going to go see it. For sure. But I don't know what to think. These are not the actors I would have picked and I am just afraid it won't  live up to expectations and my own image from the books.

In case you don't know, basic book premise:
Stephanie Plum lives in Trenton, New Jersey and just lost her job as a lingerie buyer for a department store. She is sort on funds and her car just got repossessed. She needs a job and she needs money. So she goes to her cousin Vinnie's shop and asks him to hire her ... as a bond enforcement agent. On a laugh, he hires her to go after Joe Morelli ... a Trenton cop who has apparently gone bad and jumped bail. Ranger, a tough-guy fellow bond agent takes her under his wing and teaches her the ropes (or the cuffs ... and teaser gun, as the case may be). So she goes after Morelli and her $50M. Oh yeah ... did I mention that she totally hooked up with Morelli in high school and he is super hot and everyone has a crush on him? Should make for good laughs. Throw in Steph's crazy grandma, her hamster Rex and a hooker name Lulu ... and you have the makings of a good book ... and the potential for a good movie!

So that is book 1 ... and they continue in that vein. Reoccurring themes: odd people who jump bail, cars that explode/break down/get shot at, hot moments with Morelli, hot moments with Ranger, people breaking into her apartment, viewings at the funeral home (lots of them), people wanting to kill her (repeatedly), dinner at mom's house, etc.

In the meantime ... time to dust off books 1-17 before November when #18 releases!!!

Have You Seen This Commericial? Guess What it is for ...

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