Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dear Netflix Streaming:

While I spend my Saturday night in doing school work and work work (I know ... you are soooo jealous right now) I am perusing the Netflix streaming options as I enjoy background noise while I work. So ... here are a few comments I cannot help by making:

  1. How is it that the first movie to come up under "Sci-Fi & Fantasy is Miracle on 34th Street"? Really?
  2. Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries both have Season 1 on here now. This is bad!
  3. There are about 5 different versions of Pride & Prejudice for me to choose from. Yay!
  4. Thank you for having an entire category called "Classic Movies from the 1960s". That makes me smile. Charade ... Daddy Long Legs ... Aunty Mame ... Pillow Talk ... sigh ...
  5. How many movies can possibly exist under the category "Independent Mistaken-Identity Movies"?
  6. Dido the above comment on the category "Deep Sea Movies"?
  7. Oh man ... the 4 hour production that is Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra is now available! Awesome!
On that note ... back to work ... with Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Rex Harrison to keep me company ...

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