Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Colors! Sunday Trip to Taylors Falls, MN

Took a little road trip today "up north" to see the fall colors at Taylors Falls right on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Thanks to the handy state parks/fall colors maps and websites, I got up this morning and saw that the colors were pretty up there! So off we went, my little VW Golf and I. This was our first ever "road trip" since I got her 15 months ago! She's only ever been around the cities and back and forth to Mankato (I'm a flier ... not much for driving long distances).

The drive was pleasant enough and as soon as I started getting close you could definitely see the colors changing, it was beautiful! Lots of cars on the the two-lane Hwy 7 into Taylors Falls, and all apparently heading to the town/park since it was CRAZY busy. Got my little day pass and waited for a parking spot, then went out to enjoy! I will be the first to admit that I was not really dressed for hiking.What I remember of this place is the boat and taking that up and down the river, so I was dressed for that in a light dress and flats (it was 80 degrees). So rather than do any major hiking ... I took an 80 minute leisurely boat ride and enjoyed the colors on either side of the river while perched up on the life-vest chest (best seat on the boat ... and I was the last person on!).

Did a little walking in the main area after that and snapped lots of photos of the gorgeous colors. Still lots of green, but plenty of gorgeous reds and yellows ... it was really spectacular!


  1. hello!!
    randomly found your site and i am LOVING it! loving all the pictures!


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