Monday, November 28, 2011

My first Monday off in 3 months ... and it was awesome

So with school in session since September, every single Monday has been horrible. Straight off the weekend, full day at work and then leave at 4:45 on the dot to sit in traffic, struggle to find parking and then sit in a horrible class for 3+ hours. Then home where exhaustion (and headache) sets in and then it all starts over the next day. Tuesday's were supposed to be normal, but they never ended up being so and before I knew it, it was Wednesday and the work/class cycle repeated itself. The Friday snuck up and I passed out early. Saturday spent doing errands and Sunday studying all day. Even if I wasn't in class or wasn't studying ... I felt like I should be. There was that added pressure. Even at work, I would have felt so much better each day with just another half hour to feel like I was really on top of everything rather than just rushing through.

This is going to be a long 5 years ...

But for now, the first semester is over and today was my first Monday off. And it was awesome! After a crazy day at work I was able to stay a little later and catch up on some emails and actually leave the office (and my laptop) behind at the office. Then I went to the gym where I got in a good 1 hour cardio workout, leisurely enjoying some gossip mags. For the first time in weeks I wasn't running out to my car to beat traffic. I went slowly, enjoy the crisp winter air. Then ran a few errands. Bank. Library. Costco. Then home where I actually made (lose term ... heated up more like) dinner and was able to sit down and enjoy it while watching Gossip Girl.

Then some blogging. Some online Christmas shopping. Even did some laundry. Now going to take a shower and I may actually be in bed by midnight. Miracle.

I really like have my evenings back. Having the weight of school off my shoulders. It is really going to suck going back in January. Sigh. But for now I just want to enjoy December. I want to go to the gym everyday after work and get back in shape. I want to catch up on all my back-issues of magazines. I want to ENJOY the Christmas holiday!!!!

I wish my life were like a Google commercial ...

The  new Google+ commercial (well ... new to me) definitely made me smile. Google + Circles Love Story.

I am also a big fan of the first Google commercial. Sigh.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eeek ... where do you even buy shoes like that anymore?!?!?!?!

So ... sometimes I look around and wonder what the hell people are thinking when they walk out the door. Do they really think that is acceptable to where in public? Uhhhhh.

Today was another one I just had to sneakily snap a photo of. Thank goodness for the iPhone where I can pretend to be texting when I am actually taking photos to later make snide comments about.

I remember these shoes ... back when they were poplar ... when I was in middle school ...12 years ago! Seriously! Where do you even buy shoes like this anymore???? And why (why!?!?) would you believe they actually look good?

Some of the worst no-no's (in my opinion) are: 
  • Work out sneakers (like full fledged running shoes or such) when you are not working out ... but rather just out in public. Kind of like the scene from Crazy Stupid Love when Ryan Gosling throws Steve Carelle's 407s over the mall balustrade. Exactly.
  • Sweatpants in public. No. Never. Not unless you are coming to or from the gym. And they better be cute ... and it better be really obvious you are on your way to/from a workout.
  • Sports jerseys in public. I make exceptions if you are actually at a game or at a bar or something like that. But no way you should just be wearing that for the hell of it.
  • Over-the-top handbags with any of the above. Accessorize appropriately for crying out loud.
Here is an example of all of the above no-no's in one unfortunate group walking through the MOA:
Note the sneakers, sweats, jerseys, handbags in the crook of the arm ... etc.

Movie Review: The Descendants

I would pretty much see anything with George Clooney in it. Seriously.

With that being said, The Descendants isn't anything ... it is definitely something. A major something. It is special. It is a beautiful film that examines the many nuances and situations of life in a place we often think of as idyllic and paradise-like that we often times forget has real people and real problems. The writing, acting, directing, etc are all top notch, just as you would expect. But beyond that, the movie makes you feel. Makes you cry. Makes you smile. It is not often a movie can do all that in one. The last that did it for me was 50/50. This is up there. Definitely up there.

The Plot: (copied from Rotten Tomatoes as it was too complex for me to accurately sum up)
From Alexander Payne, the creator of the Oscar-winning Sideways, set in Hawaii, The Descendants is a sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic journey for Matt King (George Clooney) an indifferent husband and father of two girls, who is forced to re-examine his past and embrace his future when his wife suffers a boating accident off of Waikiki. The event leads to a rapprochement with his young daughters while Matt wrestles with a decision to sell the family's land handed down from Hawaiian royalty and missionaries.

As I think more about this film and the previews I had seen, I don't think I as prepared for the context of death and loss. I thought it was more about his wife's affair. And it is. But be prepared, this film has death and loos and tragedy and coping. But it has it all so beautifully done and with Clooney at the helm to make it come across both effortlessly and full of real emotion and pain. And then there is Hawaii. I think that made this movie extra special, the setting and the back story. We always think of Hawaii as such a vacation place, the perfect honeymoon destination. That everyone must surf and work in the resort industry and that nothing bad can happen there. But it is a normal place, just like here, just like wherever you live. I like that they didn't show any of the characters surfing or going to a luau (sp?). I like how it wasn't always sunny ... in fact, it was overcast and rainy. I like how they made it seem real. How the place was a metaphor for how life often feels: sunny and happy and bright to everyone looking in from the outside, but for those living in it, it is normal and has its small moments of joy and many moments of pain.

I apologize dear reader (all 1 of you that probably reads this), I am blabbering because I am struggling with describing how I feel about this movie. It was lovely. That seems like a good word. Lovely. It stayed with me after I left the theater. It showed that paradise has its real life problems just like everywhere else. And it made me thankful in many ways.

Oh Christmas Tree ...

Another year ... another Christmas tree. I love Christmas, and to that end, I do it up right in my apartment. And that includes a REAL tree. Yup. It does.

Home Depot all by myself where I pick it out all by myself and load a 6.5 foot tree into my tiny 2-door VW Golf. That's right ... into. Not on top of. That scares me. And no ... the cranky HD lady did not help me get it into the car. Back to my building where I unload the tree and get that thing across the parking lot, up the elevator, and down the entire length of the hallway and into the apartment. Storage closet for an entire cart load of decorations and "stuff". Get the tree all set up and secure in its stand ... by myself. And then decorating time!!! My tradition - Christmas decorating MUST happen with Love Actually playing in the background. Repeat as needed.

And this year, I have to say, I am extra proud of my tree, decorations, and the entire apartment. It looks very nice!

And thus December begins! Bring on Christmas music, Love Actually, The Holiday, baking and the crazy malls! I embrace it all!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Yay! The red indicator-thing finally popped!! Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for many things this holiday season, most important my family and friends, health and good fortune. Oh yeah ... and that class is done for the semester.

But I am especially thankful that the little red indicator-thingy finally popped on the turkey! We have never done Thanksgiving at my house. Never. My mom is a great cook and can make some incredible things, but she's never done a turkey. This year however, she did it! She has been cooking up a storm and everything turned out incredible. It was a little scary there for awhile because the the turkey was only supposed to take 4 hours and it ended up taking closer to 5 ... and even with a higher temperature. We kept looking at that darn red thingy and it just would NOT pop! We were literally cutting up some chicken breasts to serve instead when finally it popped! Success! And it tasted delicious! She even did TWO kinds of potatoes (fancy mashed and au gratin), green beans, stuffing, and gravy. Yummy!!!!

She's the cook in the family ... as the photographer I was responsible for capturing the moment!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some of the best music you've never heard - Northern Lights by Cider Sky

Yes ... it's from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. And yes ... it's a great song!!!! Honestly, these movies always have great musict!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Snow of the Season ...

Well, it was inevitable, we got our first snow of the season! But it wasn't too bad ... jsut a dusting really. Nothing compared to this time last year when we had 2 feet on the ground!

And of course ... as soon as the white stuff started falling, people forgot how to drive.

Friday, November 18, 2011

YES it's 3AM and YES I just got home from seeing Breaking Dawn and YES I am going to blog and YES there are spoilers

So, I am hyped up on way too much Coke Zero right now. In addition to the fact that I did just see the first part of the last book of one of my favorite stories! So of course, I cannot fall asleep. So what's a girl to do in a situation like this but blog. Since it is all fresh in my mind, I thought I would jot down my impressions ASAP. Be warned ... I love the books and I enjoy the movies, therefore my opinion is skewed. But ... I also love good movies, so I try to give an honest opinion from that perspective as well.


Seriously ... SPOILERS ... Stop reading now if you don't want to know.

Well, not really SPOILERS since most people have read the book and know exactly what is going to happen. But spoilers more in the sense of treatment of scenes and events, direction, style, ending spot, etc.

Overall Impression:
True Twihards and lovers of the series and the characters will enjoy it because it stays true to the story and gets you one step closer to the finale. As a film however, it is not my favorite in the series (by far) and it falls flat in some areas and doesn't excite me as much as some of the others have.

  • First of all, I totally called how it was going to end. Seriously, I told two people today my prediction that it would end on Bella opening her eyes ... and I was right on!
  • I had downloaded the soundtrack early on but none of the music really captured me right away like the other three before. However, after hearing the music in the context of the film, I now have a few favorites.
  • And on the topic of music ... that score was horrible and cheesy and was really poorly placed at the beginning. Bad.
  • But I did love the use of Flightless Bird, American Mouth during the wedding scene when they were kissing ... perfection.
  • I love love loved the treatment of the ending. The montage, the music overlay, the way they transformed her body - so perfect!
  • No on can fault this movie for its accuracy. It falls flat in a lot places, but it is true to the book in the details. If you haven't read the book you may think many scenes (i.e. birth) are too much, but that is exactly how it is written.
  • I imagined Isles Esme to be a lot smaller and more intimate ...
  • But I did love the scenes at Isles Esme ... that was how I pictured them on the island ... broken bed and feathers and all.
  • Her dress ... the jury is still out. I thought the back was beautiful and loved the sleeves, but there could have been a little something more in the front.
  • I particularly didn't like the wolf pack scene when Jacob breaks away from the pack. That was just weird and awkward with the wolves talking in each other's heads. I mean ... I know that is how the book has it, but it just didn't work.
  • It was only 15 seconds into the movie when Jacob took his shirt off for the first time.
  • And speaking of awkward ... there were a lot of awkward moments. Some intentional (because let's face it, the characters and scenes are written that way) and some not-so-much intentional.
  • I did gag and cringe at some scenes. The same scenes I gagged and cringed at in the book.
  • If you haven't read the books and are going into this without knowing what will happen, I doubt you will enjoy it too much. 
  • I thought the wedding speeches were super cute/funny.
  • Thank goodness they made Edward look good again in this one. No more New-Moon-Edward.
  • I love Charlie. Played to perfection (in his few scenes) yet again.
  • The beginning felt very weak. I think it was the slow pace and the poor score ... but something was definitely off and started the whole thing with a bad rhythm.

That's all I got for now. My brain-dump of Breaking Dawn.

To recap, loyals will enjoy because ... well ... let's face it ... we will really enjoy anything with Twilight in the title and Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the billing. It stays true to the book ... even to a somewhat gross extent. There are some nicely done scenes ... but lots that are just awkward.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bet you can't read my mind ... work-appropriate Twilight madness outfit!

In exactly 12 hours I will be sitting in a movie theater seat watching Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 1.  O ... M ... G!!!! Seriously! One of the best nights of the year ... right up there with HP: DH P2!!!!

So as I was getting dressed for hte office this AMM I wanted to support Twilight in a work-appropirate way that still showed off my nerdiness! I am proud of it!

So ... cute tights, purple skirt, blue blazer ... and Twilight shirt!!! It's understated ... no "Team Edward" here. It just says "Bet you can't ready my mind". If you didn't know it was a Twilight tee ... you wouldn't know it was a twilight tee! Toopped the whole thing off with a cute oversized scarf to cove rup the graphic print since this still needs to work for work.

Work appropriate - blazer, skirt scarf.
Hidden beneth - Twilight and Team Edewar!!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nylons are NOT disposable after one use ...

Well, that's obvious! But then why ... oh why ... do all my nylons keep ripping after only 1 or 2 wears.

I'm not exaggerating. I wear skirts and dresses 3-4 days/week and started wearing nylons again (vs bare legs) last week. I have already gone through three pairs!!!! Most of the time they rip in the big toe. That was today. They looked fine, I got home and took off my shoes and found that the toe was done. But others are just random. I look down ... and they are ripped!!! WTF.

Seriously ... to those girls out there that know any secrets for extending the life of nylons, please share!!! My wallet cannot afford this disposable approach much longer!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Twilight Madness! I have held back long enough from posting my true excitement!!!!

I am a Twi-hard! All ... the ... way! Go Team Edward!!! Read all the books tons of times, watch the movie son repeat, own a Team Edward shirt (though I have never worn in public), etc, etc, etc. And I am not ashamed of it!!!!!!

I am also not ashamed to pose with this awesome installation at the movie theater!!! Yay!!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ... And I LOVE it!!!

I don't care what you say ... Bring on the Christmas displays and decorations!

This is what November 13th looked like 1 year ago ...

First snow of last year ... I wonder when it will be this year?

One year ago ... November 13, 2010

Same neighborhoood, same drive, today. November 13, 2011.

2010 - Lake Calhoun.

2010. Path around Lake Calhoun.

"this pillow molds perfectly to the back of my head"

Totally random, but that quote from Crazy Stupid Love totally fits!

So there are some things I just cannot justify spending money on when what I have works perfectly well. This does NOT apply to anything clothing/accessory/shoe/technology related! What it does apply to are: towels, dishes, pretty much anything kitchen related, and pillows. Yes ... pillows. I just keep using what I have ... what's the difference.

Well. I finally got to the point with my super thin and beat-up pillows that I was stacking two of them and forcing them under my neck to support my head. So finally, I actually bought new fancy pillows. And last night, in one of my many late-night cleaning fits, I changed my sheets, and with them, my pillows. Seriously, the new ones are like twice as thick as the old. So last night when I laid my head down, all I could think was "wow". So that's what it feels like when you have a real pillow. Is it supposed to support my head like this? It was a little strange and I cannot decide if I like it, but I'm sure it is better for my neck than the old ones. At least, I assume.

So of course, made me think of Emma Stone and her hilarious line that starts off a night of laughter with Ryan Gosling. "This pillow molds perfectly to the back of my head". Unfortunately, my pillows are not from Brookstone, but you can only have so much. Sigh, but too bad the pillows don't come with Ryan Gosling to share them!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ocean's 12 ... Amsterdam (and my hair) through the years ...

I like background noise. Therefore, I always put in movies while I do random things. Like cleaning the apartment. A personal favorite for popping in is one of the three Ocean's films. Right now ... it's Ocean's 12. Definitly the weakest of the three ... but I personally enjoy it since it mostly takes place in Europe. Done deal.

The Amsterdam scenes always make me think of my time in Amsterdam. I've been there three times. First in the fall of 2003 (my senior year of high school). Next for spring break 2008 (my senior year in college). And most recently Thanksgiving of last year, 2010. I love the pigeons in the main square and taking photos ... and since I have a father who happens to be an incredible photographer, I always get some great photos! i like comparing the three visits.

Check out the hair and wardrobe choices over the year. the first time I hadn't yet discovered a straightner or makeup. The second I had just chopped off 12 inches into a cute bob with bangs. And by last year I had grown it out again and was doing the wave thing ...

If feels really funny when they peck at your hands! But it is worth the photos!

This is specifically from Ocean's 12 ... when Brad Pitt and George Clooney are talking and all of a sudden Pitt walks away and it takes Clooney a minute to realize he's talking to himself.

Friday, November 11, 2011

I should be studying ... but I cannot stop my minding from thinking ...

My mind cannot stop ... and sometimes I wish it could. It would make things so much easier at times. My memory never fails ... and sometimes that means I cannot move on. My personal history is sprinkled with the best life has to offer ... and that sometimes makes the present harder to be in. My immediate future seems so set ... and that scares the hell out of me. My dreams seem so unachievable at times ... and that makes me want to cry. The months go by ... and I have no idea what happened to them. They get measured in books read, movies seen, performances attended, dollars coming in, dollars going our, and hours logged. I look back at photos and listen to certain songs, and I get stuck.

I love life. I love my life. I wouldn't change it (most of the time) and I wouldn't take anything back (most of the time) and I wouldn't stop being the way I am or believeing the way I do. But sometimes ... just sometimes ... I wish I didn't feel so much.

Reykjavik Self Portrait. Contemplation in 4 parts.

Some of the Best Music You've Never Heard - Cellar 55, With or Without You

Random video with random waterfall ... but INCREDIBLE song!!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Movie Review: J. Edgar was In Time to see Puss in Boots dance Like Crazy

 Did you catch all the movies in that headline? 2 weeks, 4 movies.

Puss in Boots
Lives up to the inherent expectations of being a Dreamworks animated film. It's actually a bunch of different stories all rolled into one, but it works.Great actors come to life though fun characters ... and there is even dancing ... 

Like Crazy
Let me start by saying that I like Felicity Jones. I've seen her in a few movies recently and think she really has talent. Like Crazy is definitely an independent film and a beautiful story. She's a foreign exchange student in the States where she meets and falls in love with him. When school ends (and her Visa expires), rather than go back to the UK she stays. So of course, when she tries to reenter the country later she gets deported and can't come back. So what happens, when two people are so in love, yet cannot be together? What happens when you can't see each other? When distance forces you apart, but an invisible pull always brings you back together? What happens?

A beautiful movie like Like Crazy happens.
In Time
Was an OK time. Hey ... at least JT was shirtless a few times.
J. Edgar
It's long and it's well done. Would you expect anything less from a film that Leo chooses to sign on with? But seriously, great story and great character acting from everyone involved. I knew the basic facts, but definitely learned a lot during the movie and it peaked my curiosity about many things. The film goes back and forth between his first days at the Bureau and the days at the end of his career. It's really crazy to see how he transformed the FBI in his 48 years. 

It's hard for a movie with Leo to not be good.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This day in history - November 8,1991 (20 years ago)

Where were you 20 years ago? Any ideas? That's November 8, 1991. Anything? Home? "Playing with friends" (depending on age). Watching TV?

Seriously, who knows where they were on a random day 20 years ago.

I do.

Well, I sorta do. I know what happened and I have heard stories of it, but my own memories - those of a shy 6 year old girl - are foggy.

20 years ago today my parents and I left Romania to move here to the States and begin a new chapter to our lives. Scary stuff. We left Romania on the 8th, saying goodbye to all our family and friends, and got on a plane bound for Chicago. I don't remember the flight or the arrival, I was too young.

But there is one thing I do remember. A vague memory that comes to mind when I think of that one-way trip. I remember being in the back seat of a big car, laying across the backseat with my head in my mom's lap. And I remember looking out the window and up to the sky ... the black sky ... covered in stars. I remember the sky and the stars. I remember thinking it looked so expansive, and even though we were moving, the image in the window didn't change.

Anyway ... maybe it's a real memory, or maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, but that's what I remember. And my parents speaking in another language to the other person in the car, the America friend who picked us up at the Chicago airport and drove us to Minnesota. Not that I knew what they were saying ... considering that I didn't speak a word of English at this point ...

So that's my story, and that's what happened 20 years ago. Who knows what could-have or would-have been if we hadn't moved here. Where I would be living. What I would be doing. What career I would have taken. What relationship I would have had with my parents. Not sure. But what I know is that I am very grateful and that I am very close to my parents and love them immensely because of the close bond we formed through this move.

Anyway ... I took a look back in the archives from some of the first photos taken when we moved here. These were the following spring, so maybe 5 or 6 months later. We took our first American road-trip in an old (old) car and went to the all-American landmark - Niagara Falls. We brought coolers of food and stayed at a motel, but we were happy and we were together. Our family trips have changed since then, but some things never will - we still travel together, we sitll have fun together, and we are still close just like those days we first came here, just us three.

Who could resist that face?!?!?!

Maid of this Mist. My parents look so young!

This was probably the last time this was attempted. My mom is only like 5'2.

Daddy's little girl. He used to call me "patratel". That's Romanian for "little square" ... and that translation is not nearly as cute as the original. Huhhhh ... sounds nerdy.

Monday, November 7, 2011

My addictive personality ...

Movies tend to find themselves on repeat in my DVD player. Often. I like background noise ... generally all the time. And I like things that I can stop and look up and know exactly where I am and what happened before and what will happen next, but then can go back to whatever I was doing before ... like homework, or cleaning or work work or photos or whatever.

Happens all the time. I go through phases. They have to be easy movies and ones I love and that make me happy. Old movies are common (To Catch a Thief, High Society, An Affair to Remember, Sabrina), anything Jane Austen inspired, Twilight, HP, SATC, I Love Lucy, Love Actually (in December), Easy A, etc. The list goes on. Latest movie to add to this list - Crazy Stupid Love. Yup, currently addicted.

It's not just movies thought that I do on repeat. Songs, books, outfits ... I have a repetitive/addictive personality.

As I mention, I generally always needs something "on". My latest thing (about the last year I would say) is that I have switched from listening to my iPod in the car to listening to books on CD. Honestly, music makes me drive more aggresivly and gives me a headache too early in the mornings. So I have found that checking out books on CD from the library and listening to those on my way to and from work during the week really helps. It eases me into the day and helps me relax in traffic and keeps my mind focused. The one thing is ... the books must be ones that I have previously read in regular book format. I tried listening to a new book and that did NOT go well. After the first day when I was like 40 minutes in I just had know what happened, so I ended up going to library and getting the actual book and finishing it that night. Sigh. Again ... addictive personality.

Which brings me to books. Yet another medium where my true self comes up. Talk about staying up nights ... that's me. Just ... can't ... stop. I have to know what happens. I have to keep reading. Very hard for me to stop. I am definilty the gal who got the latest Twilight or HP (or Sophie Kinsella or whatever) and reads through the night. Thank goodness I am a fast reader! I always end up reading once just to know what happens. Then I take a step back and read it again a few days later more slowly to really get all the details. But for the first read, I have to just get through.

And then I will reread those books over and over throughout the years. I enjoy it ... what can I say.

So that's my dirty little secret ... execpt I don't think it's a secret really. I am pretty open about my geekiness ... between re-reading Twilight and watching Tivoed Gossip Girl while I write this, I think that about sums it up.

*Feel like I need to make sure you, dear reader, understand that while I may enjoy light and fluffy, I do have substance. I mean ... I watch Grey's Anatomy too! JK ... seriously thought. I do love the classics and enjoy knowing what is going on, I take my career very seriously and am studying for my MBA, not to mention that I have a degree in Art History as well as business and enjoy theater and opera, etc. But you know what ... life is often hard and unfair and the world can be a bad place, so I take my happiness where I can get it. So don't judge me if I embrace it openly and full of zeal and on repeat mode.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Personalized License Plates: the really good ... and the "not-my-personal-choice"...

Ooops ... my opinion is showing ...

The Really Good:
Saw this one outside of Lunds in Uptown yesterday. Sigh. Not only is it a personalized license plate, but it is on a Deutschland plate, which is on a pretty Audi. Approved.

The ... :
This one was parked outside Rainbow. I won't call it bad because I am afraid of a lightening bolt striking me. Also, people are definitely allowed to share their opinions and whatnot. I just don't really need to see this in front of me on the road ... 

What's wrong with this photo?

So I ran to Rainbow in the West End really quick and parked in this spot, but I just sat in the car feeling like something wasn't right. Finally gave up, backed out and reparked in a different spot. I came back to the original spot and starred at it for a few seconds until I realized what was wrong. Do you know? See below.


Uh ... it's because when someone puts a cart in from the other end, there is NOTHING stopping it from going straight into the front of my (or whatever) car is parked in the spot in front. That seems a little off ...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What would you do with $7,376.49?

Based on recent hotel and airline estimates and some handy calculations in excel, I could:
  • Make my car, rent and utilities payment for a month
  • During which month I would fly to a European destination (Paris, Madrid, London ... TBD)
  • Where I could stay in reasonalbly-priced centrally-located accomodations
  • And enjoy a rental car to do some traveling outside the city and around the countryside
  • While enjoying good meals
  • And still having spending money left for museum admission, tours, and entertainment
  • And probably also buy a new lens for my camera
That's just a rough estimate ...


What would you do with $7,376.49?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love

Crazy Stupid Love came out on DVD today and I rushed to Costco to pick it up. It is the rare movie I deem worthy of shelling out $14.99 for. It really has to be repeat-worthy ... And this movie is.

Favorite scene: it's raining and Emma Stone walks into the bar and yells "you" to Ryan Gosling and just goes straight up and kisses him. Then the whole scene after at his (fabulous) house ... LOVE IT ALL! That is relationship perfection to me. Laughing, talking, Ryan Gosling (jk ... But really), and Dirty Dancing in the living room. Sigh.

"take off your shirt"
"fuck ... Seriously! It's like your photoshopped"

Where the hell did October go? And September for that matter ...

Woke up this morning and was shocked to see it was November 1. Obviously I knew it was there ... following October 31st, like it does every year. But that did not make me any more prepared for it.

The past two months have been crazy ones. Going back to school after 3 years for my MBA ... work revving up into the busy season (that does not imply I am every not busy ... maybe busyer is more approporate), and personal life a little bit all over the place. This month will be crazy, but once November 30th hits I think (hope) things will calm down a little bit for about 6 weeks.

So November is off with a bang. Work is crazy with plans for next year due in the next few weeks at the same time that we are in the heart of executing the work for this year. At the same time, classes end the week before Thanksgiving, so I have group papers to write and assignments to do and finals to study for. On top of that, I am tryign to still do some of the things I enjoy. So I have some movie screenings happening on Tuesdays this month. And I have a project due this month for my little photography businesss. And there is a lot of new theater and exhibitions in town, so I am going to try and work that into my scheudle. AND of course the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 MIDNIGHT premier! ... which also means watching the first three at least once each ... and rereading the last book! Not to mention the MCAD art sale is this month! Then comes Thanksgiving ... which should be relaxing ... and potentially filled with last minute work. But then hopefully when 11.30 rolls around I can breath again and step back from school and enjoy the pre-Christmas excitement. (I LOVE Christmas).

So there it is ... the craziness that is my life. And I don't even have a husband or kids to manage ... I don't know how those people do it. But this definitly makes me realize that right now is NOT a great time to enter the dating game again. Therefore ... yet again ... I am putting it off. Oh well ... maybe next year.
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