Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bet you can't read my mind ... work-appropriate Twilight madness outfit!

In exactly 12 hours I will be sitting in a movie theater seat watching Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 1.  O ... M ... G!!!! Seriously! One of the best nights of the year ... right up there with HP: DH P2!!!!

So as I was getting dressed for hte office this AMM I wanted to support Twilight in a work-appropirate way that still showed off my nerdiness! I am proud of it!

So ... cute tights, purple skirt, blue blazer ... and Twilight shirt!!! It's understated ... no "Team Edward" here. It just says "Bet you can't ready my mind". If you didn't know it was a Twilight tee ... you wouldn't know it was a twilight tee! Toopped the whole thing off with a cute oversized scarf to cove rup the graphic print since this still needs to work for work.

Work appropriate - blazer, skirt scarf.
Hidden beneth - Twilight and Team Edewar!!!!!

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