Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Where the hell did October go? And September for that matter ...

Woke up this morning and was shocked to see it was November 1. Obviously I knew it was there ... following October 31st, like it does every year. But that did not make me any more prepared for it.

The past two months have been crazy ones. Going back to school after 3 years for my MBA ... work revving up into the busy season (that does not imply I am every not busy ... maybe busyer is more approporate), and personal life a little bit all over the place. This month will be crazy, but once November 30th hits I think (hope) things will calm down a little bit for about 6 weeks.

So November is off with a bang. Work is crazy with plans for next year due in the next few weeks at the same time that we are in the heart of executing the work for this year. At the same time, classes end the week before Thanksgiving, so I have group papers to write and assignments to do and finals to study for. On top of that, I am tryign to still do some of the things I enjoy. So I have some movie screenings happening on Tuesdays this month. And I have a project due this month for my little photography businesss. And there is a lot of new theater and exhibitions in town, so I am going to try and work that into my scheudle. AND of course the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 MIDNIGHT premier! ... which also means watching the first three at least once each ... and rereading the last book! Not to mention the MCAD art sale is this month! Then comes Thanksgiving ... which should be relaxing ... and potentially filled with last minute work. But then hopefully when 11.30 rolls around I can breath again and step back from school and enjoy the pre-Christmas excitement. (I LOVE Christmas).

So there it is ... the craziness that is my life. And I don't even have a husband or kids to manage ... I don't know how those people do it. But this definitly makes me realize that right now is NOT a great time to enter the dating game again. Therefore ... yet again ... I am putting it off. Oh well ... maybe next year.

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