Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Art Project: Red Jewelry Box

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One of the things I love to do is discover great finds at Estate Sales and Thrift Stores and turn them into treasures and pieces for my own apartment. Especially if they are items that had sentimental significance for the past owner, I feel like that should live on.

A favorite project was my entrance hall redo after I found hundreds of incredible European travel brochures and booklets from the 50s and 60s. Hand painted frames for those and even found some incredible vintage frames and a mirror that look great with a splash of color. In case you don't remember, I included a link to the original entry and a photo of the finished wall at the bottom of this entry.

Anyway, this weekend I took advantage of FINALLY having some time on my hands now that school is over for the semester and I did another project. I found this great little jewelry box with intricate latticework all along the outside and cute little claw foot legs and a glass top held in place with more little lattice detailing. Problem was it was a horrific gold color ... all over. And the bottom was a gross looking dingy yellow. I forgot to take a photo of it (darn), but trust me ... it was gaudy.

But I felt it really had potential and could look very cute with some paint and new fabric. I love that look of taking something that looks so gaudy and outdated and transforming it using bold colors. My favorite being red. Perfect example is the red mirror from the entrance hall.

Anyway. I figured out how to remove the bottom and from there it was easy. I couldn't take out the glass, so I inserted strips of paper between the edges of the "claws" holding the glass in place and the glass itself so that I could spray paint it without getting the glass. Then I just grabbed the spray can and sprayed away. For the bottom, I had an old black top I had recently discovered a hole in, so this made perfect use of it. Cut cut and staple staple ... new bottom.

I was really excited to remove the paper covering the glass this morning and insert the bottom back in. I put in some of my favorite colorful glass jewelry and it is a perfect little display piece!

Well ... what do you think?

Total Cost and Supplies:
  • Jewelry Box (Thrift Store) - $2.99
  • Red Spray Paint - $2.99
  • Fabric - Free

Original Entry: Entrance Hall Art Project (link)

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