Monday, January 9, 2012

Obsessed with getting a new couch

I love love LOVE my apartment and all the beautiful things in it. Seriously love. It is all very much me and is very personal. But at this point, the furniture is all coming up on 3.5 years and I have become obsessed with changing out one piece in particular: my couch. Well, to be specific, the couch plus the chair that sits next to it.

The couch is an over-sized loveseat and then there is a single chair off to the side. What I want to get in its place is an L-shaped couch with a chaise-long making up the short side of the L. That is what I really really want. And I came across some gorgeous options at two new(ish) stores in uptown.

CB2 (Crate & Barrel's younger and hipper sister-store)

Roam (a funky new design store)

Found some great options at both places ... but the prices are more than I have to spend given MBA tuition bills, rent, car payments, etc. So for now ... I'll just keep dreaming.

But the stores are great, really modern and funky stuff. Roam in particular caught my eye. It has all the great furniture and design pieces you see in museum gift shops ... just more if it! And great furniture. Really very stylish (with the prices to match).

Here are some of my favorite couches ... now if only I had about $2,000 or $3,000 to buy one of them ... . - $3,199 - $2,899 - $1,799

Springtime in Winter

That about sums up the weather we have been having. 40s. 50s. Sunny. No snow.
Honestly, I don't mind the nice temps and sun ... I like that part. I just miss the snow. I like snow. I DON'T like cold temps at all (gross), but I DO like snow. So I miss that. And I reserve the right to complain about not having any snow.

But in the end, I have decided to embrace the nice weather and just enjoy it. Hence, lots of walks outside. It is quiet pleasant, and I am getting to use all that nice new outdoor workout gear I bought in the fall, so that is a plus. On Christmas day I went for an 11 mile walk on the old trail I used to bike everyday in summer in my hometown. Today I did two laps around Calhoun.

So that's that. I reserve the right to complain about lack of snow and also the right to complain if the temp dips below 10, but I will embrace and enjoy what I get.
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