Sunday, February 26, 2012

Visiting the family in Romania

If you haven't seen it by now, I'll tell you something about myself. I'm Romanian. Born in Bucharest and moved here when I was 6 with my patents. We go back when we can and it is always great. Family ... And lots of food. LOTS of food. It's kind of what we do. Eat. It's an eating = love type of culture.

I apologize for the randomness of the photos. I uploaded straight from my iPhone to the app and the photos don't stay in order.
With my parents in front of the Palace of Parliament.
Byzantine art. 
Yum! Romanian desserts are awesome!
My favorite restaurant in Bucharest. This was Monday night. Note how there is absolutely NO snow on the ground!!!!! The below photo is from Friday afternoon. After the blizzard. Check out that snow! Couldn't even get to the sign.

Yum. Two days of blizzard conditions brought down over 2 feet of snow in some areas. Yikes!
Monestary of Sinaia.
At my grandma's house with her cat.
With my aunt!
With my cousins girlfriend.
My mom's side of the family. L to R: Uncle, cousin, grandpa, me, mom, grandma, aunt (my mom's sister), dad.
Did I mention dessert????
A photo of my mom when she was young. Ahhhhh. 

Peles Castle in the Carpathian Mountains. One of my favorite places in Romania.
OMG. Papanasi. Best dessert ever!!!
Good old metro.
My grandmother - dad's mom - with her cat. That thing has major claws!
With my cousin and his girlfriend.
Good ol' Bucharest.
My grandmother's cat is hilarious!
Monestary of Sinaia.
With my grandparents!
I love graffiti art.
That's Caru cu Bere on the right ... This was on Tuesday night. The next day 2 feet of snow fell.
Self portrait in front of the Byzantine mural.
Dessert? Yes please. Sharing? No thank you. (Hey, at least i'm polite about it!)
Peles castle.
The CEC building in Bucharest.
Gotta love the graffiti
With Carmen.
At the KLM lounge at the Bucharest airport. Yes, this is indoors. That little bird found his way inside and was just flying around. Really not a bad idea. It's warm, plenty of room, lots of crumbs. Honestly ... i would hang out in the KLM lounge too.
The sign says "Do not vandalize. This is not a place for public posting." Ironic.
With my mom in front of the palace of parliament.
More ...
Peles Castle.

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  1. WOW! Those are some awesome photos! I wish I had family in another part of the world LOL...

    That is so cool though that you get to go back and visit often. It looks like such a beautiful place!


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