Monday, March 19, 2012

An American in [Fill In The Blank]

I watched Sabrina (the new version) tonight while working on some photos. This film fell right in line with a recent movie/book theme that I seem to have going for me - American women who need a change and go off to incredible new cities to start a-new and make fresh starts for themselves.

The evidence:

I have always loved this plot line. Girl has some big momentous life event take place (in the States). Girl decides she needs a change. Girl up and moves to London/Paris/Rome. Girl finds herself ... and usually a fabulous boyfriend too. Girl lives happily ever after.

I loved the concept. The idea of just uprooting and moving abroad ... and it actually working out! Most of the time the characters don't even have jobs, they just go over and they make it work. And it always does. Because this is fiction. So obviously it works. Sigh.

Even if the idea is unreasonable and even if it doesn't ever workout that way, it does make me start thinking. Could I do that? Could I look for a job in a city I really really really want to be and just go and make it work. I would like to think that the answer is yes. I really would. I just need the right opportunity and the right situation. Unfortunately, I don't think I could just go as a student or just go and find temporary work. But I am intelligent, with a good career, there has to be something. 

I'm not saying I want to move tomorrow ... but I am saying that sometime in the future, this is really what I want to do. I wand to be that Girl. I want to have adventure in my life ... preferably on foreign soil. I want to discover new cultures and live abroad and have a fresh take on life.

Soon ... very very soon ... (hopefully).

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