Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Marcel the Shell

How did I NOT know about this?!?!?!!?

My name is Marcel and my body is partially a shell.

Seriously one of the cutest and most awesome videos EVER!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Single Supplement

Sometimes being single is awesome. Really ... I do believe that.

Sometimes being single sucks.

I refer to "the single supplement". It exist to basically reiterate that I am in fact single and that there is a price for being single. When you are single and pretty much all your friends (or at least those that you would consider for travel buddies) are married, you inevitably find yourself taking the occasional holiday alone. And when you do that, be prepared to pay a tax for being a single. You know what I mean. Booo.

Why do you have to make me pay for being single? Seriously.

Also, this isn't really the same thing, but it bothers me just as much. Being single and to alone for a meal such as brunch (or really any meal for that matter ...). My two favorite brunch places both have outdoor tables, but they are 4-tops made for 4 people. Well ... I'm sorry, but I occasionally do brunch alone and I DO want to sit outside. So too bad for you, but I am going to take up the 4-top for little 'ol single me. And to those of you waiting for a table and glaring at me ... get OVER it! Why should I have to sit inside at the bar just because I am alone?


Darn you advertising. Just saw a commercial from Hershey's for s'mores. Now all I want is a damn s'more!!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Half-Day Friday Fun Days! The List ..

So I work for a great company that gives its employees many perks. One of them is half-day Fridays from Memorial Day through Labor Day. That is 3 months of Friday Fun!

So each year I try to come up with activities for the half-day Fridays so that I actually leave the office by noon or 1. If I don't have some kind of thing to go to, I have been known to just stay into the afternoon and just spend it catching up on work since everyone else has left. Boo. Bad!

So here is the list so far ... more to be added ... as I come up with ideas. Let me know if you want to "sign up" for any of these activites with me!
  • Mill City Museum
  • Shopping and lunch on Nicollet
  • Science Museum in St. Paul
  • Shopping and lunch on Grand Ave in St Paul
  • Picnic lunch and sitting out at Calhoun
  • Twins game (I don't like baseball, but I do like the food ... and sitting outside on a goreous day)
  • Horseback riding
  • Summit Brewery tour
  • Matinee movie (on a rainy day)
  • Driving range
  • Lunch!
    • Fogo de Chao (so much more reasonable at lunch!)
    • Greek (It's Greek to Me or Christo's)
    • That really good Mexican place my dad keeps telling me about ...
    • Wakame for sushi
    • Annie's in Dinkytown (burgers, fries, and Oreo shakes!)
    • Yum!
    • French Meadow Bakery
I am also considering some local weekend road-trips, which I have never done. The first one may actually be a day trip to Duluth with my parents over Memorial weekend. Photos to come! Other's I am thinking of include:
  • Milwakee - That art museum is incredible! I just want to spend a day photographing it!
  • House on the Rock - Visited this place when I was little and it just blew me away!Want to see it again. (If you live in the area and haven't been, you are missing out! Super cool and ecelctic!)
  • Taliesin - Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio in Spring Green, Wisconsin. Again, saw it when I was young, but want to go back. This place is spendy though ...
  • New York - That one is a bit more a stretch ... I know. But I want to visit. I am even thinking more so of just FLW's Falling Water than NYC proper maybe.
The summer is already getting super busy! For the first time ever, I have had to start putting all my commitments into the calender on my iPhone. Usually I just remember everything - there is not that much. But my calender is booking up through pretty much July 8th already. Crazy! Lots going on between traveling, work, social life, arts events, birthdays and baby showers, etc. But busy is GOOD. Busy is great!

MIA Gala 2012 - I really really REALLY want to go!

I really really really want to go ... but $150 is a bit steep ... boooooo.
Check out the official Gala site here.
And ... I even have the perfect dress to wear!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A little bit of this ... a little bit of that ... (LA, Mother's Day, Movies, Calhoun, Dating)

So ... it's been awhile since I blogged. I know. I'm terrible. Oooops. Then again. Does anyone actually read this? Therefore, did anyone even notice that I have been a little lax in posting? I'm guessing the answer is no ... so ... no big loss.

But ... I like to do this, so I'm back and ready with an update. And hopefully will do better in the future. How many times have I said that before?

So, here is a bit of what has been going on in my life recently.

Work is very busy, but very good. The project that I have been working on - a contest to identify three deserving winners - finally came to a (sort of) end with the big winner's event in LA. I was lucky enough to get to go out there and spend two days with three incredible ladies and giving them well-deserved makeovers. Awesome! I know it sounds like fun ... but there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into an event like that. Then we went to The Biggest Loser finale. I don't really watch the show, but it was really fun to be in the live audience. Woohoo. Even went to the after party and met some of the contestants and Alli herself. Fun!

Kim was awesome!
Host of BL - Alli!
Also been spending as much time as possible outside with our beautiful spring weather. I will run on the treadmill as much as I need to (in order to eat dessert), but I don't particularly enjoy running outside. For one, I don't think I have great form and I don't want people judging me (as I do them ... obviously). And two, I prefer to actually enjoy my time outside, so I would rather just have a great walk. BUT, I have done some running recently at Calhoun, just to make sure I could do it if i wanted to. Good new - I can! And in a reasonable time too!

Nothing like a nice walk enjoying the weather after a long day stuck at the office..

What else ... what else ...

Celebrated Mother's Day this past weekend with my parents. Delicious brunch at Spoonriver and then Time Stands Still at the Guthrie. Really great production - one of the best I have seen in awhile. It is a relatively new production which is always interesting. Modern piece about a journalist and a photojournalist and relationships, family, friendship, and expectations of society. It is about striking a balance between family life and career and true passion. Really great production and great performances by the four actors. Mandy is - for lack of a better word - portrayed as the ditz who you just want to laugh at. But in the end, she said some of the most insightful things and turned out to be quite likable.  

Mommy and me back in Bucharest ... first steps!
Mother's Day 2012 at the Guthrie.

Oh! I built something all by myself. It was only a little wall shelf. But I built AND hung it all by myself.
For someone completely lacking in the "handy" gene, this is a bit deal. But don't worry, it was only going in my closest to hold my abundance of scarves. I would never trust myself to put something together that was actually going in a "public" room of my flat.

Also been working out a lot lately and eating much better. Therefore, losing weight. Awesome! I am feeling great (and looking great ... if I do say so myself). Down 14 ... and I want to lose another 12-16 more. Donated a bunch of clothes ... and bought some new ones. I love shopping!

New J. Crew skirt (final sale - $35!!!) and top from Marshalls ($12!!!)

Seeing some pretty good movies. Friends with Kids was really good. I had high hopes for Dark Shadows but it fell short. Though the music and 70s style was really funny ... as was Johnny Depp (at times). And What To Expect When You're Expecting was absolutely hilarious and great. Best montage-all-star movie since Love Actually. Way better than recent flops like New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day. I actually had heart for all these character and its was woven together very nicely. Good stories, good acting. Good all around. Saw Avengers in IMAX 3D (because that is the ONLY way to see it). It was totally AWESOME! So great! This is the type of movie that could just be terrible because it relies on just having big names, but no, this was actually really really good. And the critics agree! Did midnight release of Hunger Games of course ... and that was just amazing! Loved the crowds ... and the movie was great! And finally, unfortunately, the only really good scenes from The Five-Year Engagement were in the previews.

Oh ... and I'm dating again. Yup ... I gave in. Some good guys ... some great guys ... and some guys who just need to learn that the phone-self-potrait photo is not doing it for most girls. Like this one ... who has the added bonus of being taken in the gym mirror as opposed to the bathroom mirror. Winner ...

So that's just a little update on my life right now ... 

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