Monday, June 25, 2012

Some helpful decorating advise everyone should keep in mind

Hmmmm. I wonder if some of my guy friends would notice if I put this on their fridge. Hint hint.

Then again ... that would mean they would actually have to own items with which to decorate. Or ... items worthy of being put up, at any rate.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Music, the most listened to ...

I was updating my various iPods and update my iTunes in the process. I hate that this is not my original iTunes library and a lot of music was lost in an unfortunate laptop/desktop transition. Sigh. The most played list would look different and would have much higher counts if i still had that list. Unfortunate. All my uni music and history, gone. 

Anyway ... I always think it is fun to look at the music based on # of plays. Here is the current list of - what iTunes would say - are my favorites ... or at least most often played. 

Some of my favorites ... 
  • Consequence - The Notwist
  • I am what I am - OceanLab
  • Empty streets - Late Night Alumni
  • Let's get lost - Beck and Bat 
  • Just say yes - Snow Patrol
  • All this time - Bliss
  • Flightless bird, America mouth - Iron & Wire
  • Young folks - Peter Bjorn and John
  • The show - Lenka
  • Brighter discontent - The Submarines
  • The wake up song - The Submarines 
  • Paris - Delerium & Aude
  • Stereo love - Edward Maya 
  • Temptation - Moby
  • Edge of the ocean - Ivy
  • Brightest hour - The Submarines
  • Overkill - D:Fuse & Hiratzka
  • Supermassive black hole - Muse
  • Satellite heart - Anya Marina
  • California girls - Katy Perry
  • The heart remains a child - Everything But The Girl
  • Don't forget me - Way Out West
  • Mirrorball - Everything But The Girl

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The ABCs of my life right now

I have been terrible at keeping up on my blog (and my life) recently. Lots of things going on. Very busy at work. Traveling for work. Traveling for personal. Changes at work. Changes at home. Beautiful weather keeping me outside. Trying to have a social life. You know how it goes ...

So, to bring you up to speed ... here are the ABCs of my life right now ... 

(I will admit ... some are better than others. You try coming up with something for the letter Q!)

... is for ...
My apartment. On which they want to increase my rent 20%. Booo. Let's negotiate this.

... is for ...
Breaking Dawn Part 2
Have you seen the trailer that premiered today??? O! M! G!
... is for ...
Cook Islands
Where I am going this summer and am soooo excited. Rainforest, beaches, snorkeling ... lots of outdoor activities.

... is for ...
Downton Abbey
Which I enjoy watching very much.

... is for ...
Which I try to be for most things in life. I hope I am always excited by things. Whether that be a midnight movie release (only 5 more months until Breaking Dawn!!!), an upcoming trip, or a awesome top 10 list online. 

... is for ...
For which I am always grateful. And am extra happy for my great friends who have incredible things going on in their lives. Like children turning one whole year old and babies that are on the way and weddings that are coming up and graduate programs that are being finished and relationships that are going well. 

... is for ...
50 Shades of ...
And 50 Shades Darker.
And 50 Shades Freed. 
Yes. Read them. Loved them. Reread them. Know plenty of women who agree with me. And stayed at the Fairmont in Seattle (for work ... I did not pick it) where they stay in book 2. And took a photo in front of the sign at Escala. 
Yes. Judge me if you will.

... is for ...
Which I need to schedule so I can be my not-so-natural blonde self again. Because my roots are out of control right now.

... is for ...
Which I had to pay on my car for the next 6 months. Considering I pay the full 6 months at once and I have a new car and I am young, is fairly expensive. 

... is for ...
Which I still have. Which is great. There was a few very scary weeks in there when my company announced layoffs.

... is for ... 
Which I am (supposedly) gaining while doing my MBA program. But I took the summer off ... no classes! Yay! Gotta enjoy the weather and vaca!

... is for ...
Which I am reading many of on the site"How About We". They are hilarious and great for anyone who is (or has ever been) single/dating.
Such as (click for article):

... is for ...
Which I love and am seeing a lot of. Currently watching This Means War on DVD while writing. Rock of Ages, Prometheus, Avengers, Men in Black III, etc. The list goes on. And the list of movies I am excited to see if way long. It can be found here.  

... is for ...
Now Boarding at Gate G6
The start of many adventures. And the name of this blog. Which I will try to do a better job of updating. 

... is for ...
Where I am trying to spend as much time as possible. But unfortunatly now it is getting super hot and sticky and gross. I actually really enjoyed June-uary in Seattle while I was there - I like cooler weather (and fashions). 

... is for ...
Pacific NorthWest
Because it is sooo beautiful. And I just got back from the area. And I love it. It feels so open and free. I feel like anything is possible. The air is clear ... and so is my mind.

... is for ...
My Netflix queue. Which really has some truly random movies and shows. Seriously ... why do I pay for this each month? Oh yeah ... Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy ... 

... is for ...
Which is what I am doing a lot of right now. I am in this mood where I am just going back and re-reading a lot of favorites ... everything from P&P to Twilight. 

... is for ...
Which I still am.

... is for ...
With which I am still obsessed. Since I just got back from the (beautiful) Pacific NorthWest and I listened to the soundtracks non-stop and re-read the first book and am making my way through the movies again. 

... is for ...
Under 30.
Which I am still am. Even though my birthday is coming up in only 2 weeks! I turn 27!!! Getting closer to 30 ... Eeeek!

... is for ...
Vanity Fair
The new issue I just picked up but haven't had a chance to read yet. Kristen Stewert is on the cover. 

... is for ...
Working Out
Which I enjoy. But need to get back to doing my normal level of.

... is for ...
Which I do not play.

... is for ...
The delicious restaurant near Lake Calhoun that I cannot help but go back to again and again. 

... is for ...
Zero. Coke Zero
Which I enjoy and am trying to not drink (along with all other pop) for the next two weeks.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Movies I Cannot Wait to See

Yum ... I'm excited ...

  • Brave - June 22
  • Seeking a Friend for the End of the World - June 22
  • To Rome with Love - June 22
  • Ted - June 29
  • Magic Mike - June 29
  • People Like Us - June 29
  • The Amazing Spider Man - July 3
  • Savages - July 6
  • The Dark Knight Rises - July 20
  • Bourne Legacy - August 3
  • Cosmoplois - August 17
  • Premium Rush - August 24
  • Lawless - August 29
  • Skyfall - November 9
  • Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 - November 16
  • Les Miserables - December 7
  • Great Gatsby - December 25

More to come ... cause there are definitely movies to add to this list ...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

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