Sunday, July 15, 2012

Google image search saves the day again

As you know, I have been doing Match for about 2 months now. Just wanted to try something new and meet new men. Wasn't having success meeting anyone at bars or work ... or anywhere really. So, why not? I did eHarmony a few years back and met some decent men, but nothing long term.

Anyway, Match isn't really working out. Had about 9 first dates (including one just today) and they are (mostly) all really nice, decent guys. Just not what I am looking for. 

Anyway, I have run into a few men who were particularly interesting. Just real honest guys with honestly profiles ... and really honest photos. Just real guys. 

For example, imagine my surprise when I was contacted by this gorgeous guy. Hello! As a simple Google reverse image search would tell me, his name is Mark Ricketson and he is a major model. Also, I was so happy to hear that he just married his partner Jason Morgan in a fabulous Las Vegas wedding. So happy for them! So ... makes me wonder ... what is he doing on Match? Hmmmmm.

Then there was this guy who contacted me two days ago. Not so sure about him by the photo. And having only one photo always makes me a bit suspicious. Google to the rescue again! Why hello Wes Hayden ... of The Bachelorette. Yup! Now I don't watch the show, but apparently it was quite the scandal when he was on the show. Girlfriends back home, singing, etc. I guess now he is on Match. 

Some real winners out there ... 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

No baby or bridal showers or weddings for me ... but I do get a birthday every year!

I love my friends and I am very very happy for them and all the great things they have going on in their lives. I am not just saying that to say it ... I really mean it. I like hearing about their lives and celebrating all the special moments, and am so grateful they let me share in those moments. From bridal showers to baby showers, from weddings to children's birthdays - I am very thankful for my friends and very happy for them.

With that said ... I don't have any of that, and I don't see any of that in my immediate future. So what does that leave me with? Well, it leaves me with one of my favorite SATC episodes - A Woman's Right to Shoes. She says it really well ... after a certain age, what do you get to celebrate if you aren't getting married and having kids? Birthdays sort of count, but not really, cause everyone has them.

But, one of my girlfriends put lunch on the calendar for a group of us tomorrow to celebrate my birthday (which was Sunday), and it made me feel really nice to get to celebrate that little moment in my life with my great girlfriends. I have incredible friends who are very thoughtful!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Top 10 Reasons White Collar is an Awesome Show

If you watched the White Collar season premier tonight ... yay you!
If you didn't watch ... boo you!
If you don't even know what White Collar is ... boo!

Here are the top 10 reasons to watch White Collar:

  1. Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey. Hello Mr. Blue Eyes.
  2. Neal Caffrey's sense of style. Fedoras, skinny ties, beautiful tailored suits.
  3. The cases. Art, museums, treasure,
  4. Matt Bomer's smile. So pretty.
  5. The words I would use to describe the cases and the lead character: suave and classy. I like that in my men ... and my tv shows. There is a definite elegance to the way Neal Caffrey does everything: living in a fabulous apartment, parachuting from a skyscraper with a stolen painting, forging masterpieces in his free time, and - of course - getting the girl. He does everything in a sleek, suave, classy, elegant way. Reminds me a bit of James Bond (a very little bit). Just in the sense that he can pull off running through a city in a nice suit and look good doing it. 
  6. It's light and easy, yet very fun.
  7. Mozy. Yes, he was Carrie's gay friend on SATC. Loved him then, love him now. 
  8. Did I mention Matt Bomer's smile? And piercing blue eyes? I did? Well good. Oh ... and his chiseled jaw. And wavy hair. 
  9. Takes place in New York City. Plus most of the episodes are about art thieves and forgers and such. Which means that many episodes include beautiful paintings, valuable documents, rare collectibles, and great museums.
  10. Tiffany Amber Thiesen. Yes, of Saved by the Bell fame. Brings back good old memories.

Also, look for Matt Bomer in Magic Mike. He doesn't have many lines, but he sure is pretty to look at.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Just once, I would like to sit next to a totally gorgeous guy on a flight

Seriously. Just once. Too much to ask for? I think not. I'm not asking for much. Good looking. Single. Good conversation. Just once. Just today. It's my birthday!!! Pretty please.

But no.

I have terrible luck when it comes up full flight and seat mates. Today - mom and her two kids (3 total, for those counting along at home) ... in the two seats next to me. Grrrrr. Totally fine. Really respect that they are traveling with their kids and they seem cute.

But couldn't I have sat next to that cute guy that just boarded? The one that is now sitting next to the 70 year old grandparents two rows in front of me? Sigh.

Can we make that an option when boarding? Aisle or window? Number of bags? Interest in being seated next to cute single guy? Aisle ... One bag ... Yes please!!!!

My row mates for these 3.5 hours:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy 27th Birthday to Me!!!

July 8, 2011

Happy 27th Birthday to me!

Spent my birthday flying home from a fabulous holiday in the Cook Islands. Already miss the beaches, quiet, sunset, water, sun, etc. of Rarotanga.

9.5 hours from Rarotanga to LAX.
5 hour layover ... long enough to leave the airport and get a birthday burger at the conveniently located In N Out by the airport.
3.5 hours from LAX to MSP.
30 minutes from the airport to my flat downtown.

Now if I could just get to sleep once the temp in my flat drops from 89 (!!!) to a bearable temp, that would be great.

Already miss my quiet beaches ...

One Line a Day

Yup ... I am doing this!
I'll let you know how things go ... 

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