Sunday, November 18, 2012

My life on a bookshelf

You know the expression "you wear your heart on your sleeve?" 

I wear my heart on my bookshelves ... and my walls ... and every room in my apartment. My home is a perfect representation of myself. Besides the big furniture pieces (couch, bed, desk, etc), every single piece in my place - art, decor, books, nicknacks, everything - has a story. Everything.

And with nearly 1100 square feet ... I have a lot of room to showcase all my "stuff". 

Right now, I am working to redo my office/guest room and finally bring some things up from my room at my parents house. Super excited to have some of those finally here! Also happy to spread out a few things from other places in my apartment.

While getting the various rooms ready for some shifting, I also got it ready for Christmas. Every year, I put my tree in the corning next to one of my bookshelves. Perfect location. I can see the tree while sitting on the couch, while in the kitchen, and even from my bed. The advantage of having an open loft layout ... there are really no doors anywhere! Very open! Love that!

So, I took the time to dust and clean every item on this book shelf. I admit I don't read many of the books on here anymore, but they are my favorites and they are a representation of me. Lots of big and heavy books about art, design, history, myths, Egypt, travel and photography. All the things I love!

I can tell you where each book and item came from. I can tell you a story about nearly everything. 

Once upon a time, I could have also told you dozens of greek myths from memory. And I could have told you the order of the Egyptian pharaohs and their history and important parts of their reign. I cannot do that so much anymore ... thought I would like to. 

Just one little corner of my apartment, and a perfect representation of me!
I love art and I love design. Let's remember ... I got an Art History degree while getting my Business undergrad degree just for the heck of it. When I was a teenager, I was seriously interested in becoming an architect or furniture designer. My parents got my the design book (the one with the red chair on the side), and I realized I was more interested in studying design, versus actually designing anything. Also, realized how much I love mid-century modern furniture. I would fill my apartment with that style if I could afford it!
I love this piece! It is an old school travel agency sign from Romania for Tarom, the Romanian airline. Painted on plastic actually. It is so 1960's fabulous!!! Shows a beautiful Barbie-like flight attendant (who does not look Romanian AT ALL) coming down the steps off the plane holding a bundled up baby. Love THIS!
Another slice of my life. Art. Travel. Myths. History. Architecture. Sights.
Greatest Works of Art
European Decorative Arts
A Treasury of Classic Mythology
A Guide to the Valley of the Kings
Mysteries of the Ancient World
Lost Civilizations
World Architecture
Fart Eastern Art
Nineteenth Century European Art
Graphic Design
The Alhambra of Granada
Iceland: So Quiet
Picasso has always been one of my favorite artists. I took an entire semester-long class on JUST the art of Picasso. I wrote my undergraduate thesis on Picasso's Guernica. 
More art. More books.
And even more books and more art. And some architecture for good measure.
The book on the far right - The World of Art - is one of my favorites and has a great memory. I got this for Christmas a long time ago from my parents, when I first started getting seriously interested in art. It is just page after page of art, from religious to modern. I do occasionally pull this book out and just sit my reading chair (yes, I have a reading chair, and it is located right next to this shelf) and flip through page after page. I am so "into" this book that I have actually found a mistake that the publisher made. Ha! They identified a panel from a triptych as being the center panel ... BUT it was the right panel. Bam! (I am a dork)
Travel! My dad is a great artist and does some very beautiful sketches. When we have traveled, he will often grab  a map or a a brochure or whatever and just sit down and sketch on it. I LOVE that and cherish these pieces! Here you have Tower Bridge on a Tate floor plan guide. And Big Ben on a Tube Map. Love!
When I was younger, people would always give me B&N gift cards for my birthday and Christmas. And I would also buy big, beautiful coffee table books like these. I have so many and was obsessed with getting these! Still love them, but I haven't bought a new one in 8 years. Actually, most of these books are at least 6 years old.

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