Monday, August 5, 2013

Adulthood ≠ Parenhood | TIMES article

Huffington Post Review of TIMES article

"Its goal, in fact, seems to be to squelch some of the worry we have for and about people who choose not to have kids. And in a culture that has for years accepted parenthood as synonymous with adulthood, especially for women, and cast the childfree as somehow deficient, the piece is long overdue."

Not the same old salad | Buffalo chicken lettuce wraps

When you are always trying to eat healthy and always trying to lose another 5 pounds, salad are really good. I know ... I know. Salads for a diet?!?! Totally unheard of! But ... they do work. Lots of great veggies make a big meal with some lean protein ... good all around.

But salads can get boring. Yeah ... I know ... another big shocker!!!

So after lunch at Pei Wei on Friday where I had a really good Thai chicken lettuce wrap, I was inspired to try something similar. Really the same thing as my standard salad, just a different format (and less veggies really). But a fun and different way to eat lunch. 

Super simple:
  • 4 big crispy lettuce leaves
  • 3 oz of chicken mixed with buffalo sauce
  • 1 oz of feta cheese
  • 6 chopped up cherry tomatoes
Bam! Package it all up and you have a delicious little bento box style lunch.

I think I will definitely be doing this again. Also want to try a Thai chicken version, but I need to find a recipe with less ingredients for the sauce. 


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