Monday, August 5, 2013

Not the same old salad | Buffalo chicken lettuce wraps

When you are always trying to eat healthy and always trying to lose another 5 pounds, salad are really good. I know ... I know. Salads for a diet?!?! Totally unheard of! But ... they do work. Lots of great veggies make a big meal with some lean protein ... good all around.

But salads can get boring. Yeah ... I know ... another big shocker!!!

So after lunch at Pei Wei on Friday where I had a really good Thai chicken lettuce wrap, I was inspired to try something similar. Really the same thing as my standard salad, just a different format (and less veggies really). But a fun and different way to eat lunch. 

Super simple:
  • 4 big crispy lettuce leaves
  • 3 oz of chicken mixed with buffalo sauce
  • 1 oz of feta cheese
  • 6 chopped up cherry tomatoes
Bam! Package it all up and you have a delicious little bento box style lunch.

I think I will definitely be doing this again. Also want to try a Thai chicken version, but I need to find a recipe with less ingredients for the sauce. 


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