Sunday, September 29, 2013

Top 10 Reasons I LOVE Amazing Race

  1. You get to travel the world!
  2. Chance to win $1million!
  3. Opportunity to do some really amazing things in a safe environment - bungie jumping, paragliding, base jumping, scuba diving, etc.
  4. Chance to take part in local cultures and traditions.
  5. The dynamics of the various couples.
  6. Opportunity to win smaller prizes throughout.
  7. Once in a lifetime experience!
  8. Phil!
  9. The fast pace.
  10. The opportunity to watch and comment and say "I could have done that way better/faster/smarter."

Hmmmm. I was writing the list and realized that I was mostly listing "the top 10 reasons I want to be on The Amazing Race." This year, as soon as that application opens, I am signing up. Oh dear!

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