Sunday, October 6, 2013

Movie Review | Gravity

Gravity is what IMAX 3D was made for. Seriously.

The movie itself is amazing. Really well done all around. And really unique. I don't really want to get into the plot or story (beyond what you can see in trailers) because that would be giving away something so good. Bullock and Clooney's characters are in space when something goes terribly wrong and they are lost ... in space. Whoa. 

I feel like anything I could possibly say about Gravity wouldn't do it justice. It would not be poetic enough or beautiful enough. From the very beginning the movie has you in it's grips. The images, the sounds, the voices, the motions. Clooney is his usual comic self providing just the right level of light-heartedness. And Bullock is amazing. She carries the movie. She makes the movie. Most of it is focused on her, on her face, on her emotions, her movements. Casting was so important in this movie and they nailed it with her. You want to watch her, you feel for her, and with her. You are right there with her the whole way. All the emotions and pain and hope all come across her face so well. 

This is a film where I sat in my theater chair the whole time with my muscles tensed. I didn't even realize it until about half way through and then I couldn't seem to relax. Every time something happened on the screen (I cannot give away what exactly ...) I felt it in my own body! Only one other movie has ever made me feel that in my seat: The Impossible - every time that Naomi Watts' character was tossed and turned in the water and her body was bashed and cut and broken. That's what this felt like to me. Like that, all over again.

So, definitely go see it. And make sure you splurge - see it in IMAX 3D. This is what IMAX 3D is made for! Seeing it in "regular" just isn't worth it. And waiting for DVD would just be the 100% wrong decision here. I am definitely going to be seeing it again in theater before it leaves.

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  1. You'll get swept up into it right away, and it most likely won't let you go. That's the type of film this is and that's why it works so well. Nice review.


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