Monday, October 14, 2013

My OWN Amazing Race Adventure in Portugal

Have I mentioned that I absolutely love The Amazing Race? Well, I do. Sunday nights are spent watching Amazing Race while running on the treadmill. Awesome, I know. Well, I love all that they do and all the places they go, but I get EXTRA excited when they go places I have already been! 

Last night was one of those cases: Portugal! They flew to Lisbon and they had tasks around the capital and over in nearby Sintra. Made me think of my own adventures in Portugal. Sharing some photos below. We went to all the same places the race contestants went! And they finished at the top of the Castelo dos Mouros. Been there, done that. 

But I have very bitter sweet memories of Portugal as we also had some terrible luck there - car was broken into and some very precious things were stolen. Some things were valuable in terms of pure dollars (electronics, etc), but others were just irreplaceable and priceless from a personal perspective. Primarily, my travel journal from the summer I spent traveling around Europe and my dad's sketch book. And you just know those are the first things the thieves threw out because they didn't have any value to them. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it again! I would have gladly let them keep all the gadgets if they would have returned those two things to us! I am still heartbroken over their loss.

Now that I'm sad ... time to go on with my night and accomplish all those things I put off this weekend. Sniffle. 

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