Tuesday, November 19, 2013


If you don't know what the subject of this post is, well, that's a little sad.

Who remembers good old typing class? Or keyboard class? Whatever it was called. It was how-to-use-a-keyboard-101. Honestly, when you get down to it in terms of the things I actually remember from middle school, typing class might just be THE single most applicable thing I ever learned. I mean ... you use it every single day!

Who remembers these contraptions? No ... not the giant computer (though that is funny). But rather, the keyboard cover to keep you from looking down when you were typing. Apparently you can still buy them here
I remember we had a computer lab out in the main library area and we had those old, big computers with the huge monitors. And they would put these "hoods" over our keyboards so you could not see your fingers. And they would turn off the monitor so you could not see what you were typing. You had to FEEL it. You had to know what you were typing. You had to instinctively know where each letter was and where to reach and where to press. Seriously, good stuff. And there would be timed tests to see how much you could type (and without errors). I'll admit ... I was pretty darn goo. And it TOTALLY stuck with me. I am a pretty fast typer and I definitely use the home keys, don't look down, etc.

Kind of crazy to think that typing class was potentially the most relevant class from middle school. Yikes. I also learned how to make a clock in wood shop. And how to do some sort of math (I'm sure). Maybe some grammar. Honestly ... math and grammar and social studies all blur together. But I remember typing, and I remember it was middle school.

Today's education system is definitely changing. I know that many schools are getting rid of cursive and I say that sounds like a plan. Seriously never used it and never will. Seems WAY more important these days for kids to be able to properly type without pecking away with two fingers, key by key. Also, to learn how to properly PRINT so that their writing is recognizable. Let's tackle those two first, shall we.

P.S. I wrote this entire post with my fingers on the home keys, not looking down at my fingers once, and with minimal mistakes and deletions. Boom. Take that middle school.

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