Sunday, December 29, 2013

Movie Review | Wolf of Wall Street

Oh. My. God. 

Sooooooooo good!

Nothing else really describes this movie. It is exceptional. It is 3 hours long. It is sooooo good. It features the word fu%$ 506 times - a record for a Scorsese film. It is wildly inappropriate and features a ton of nudity, drugs, nudity, and so much more.

And it is amazing. 

I am definitely going to be going back to see it again soon - I want to catch more details throughout the whole thing. Just when you think the film is coming to a close it takes another turn and there is even more going on ... and more ... and more. Wow. it is just keeps going and it just keeps getting better! I could go on and on about some of my favorite scenes, but that would be giving away parts of the movie. 

So, now that I have gotten over my initial OMGness of this film, lets get down to basics.

Leonardo DiCaprio gives one of the best performances of his career in this most recent partnership with Scorsese. An amazing story that is just so well acted and well directed by all. Everything about this film just works. From what I read, Socrsese and DiCaprio were able to really make the film they wanted to because it was fully independently funded - no major motion picture house was attached through production. That explains how far they were able to take the movie in so many ways. DiCaprio, McCohnaughey, Hill and everyone else just do a great job all around. They play their roles to perfection! And all the details about the 90s are just so perfect.

Okay ... that's enough.

Go. See. This. Movie. ASAP.  

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  1. While it did run-on for three-hours, I never found myself bored and that's why it deserves to be seen. Good review.


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