Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'm On Instagram!

I've been on Instagram for awhile but never use it. I post photos to FB and here ... why do I need yet another place to post. Also, hashtags confuse me. I mean, I get how to use them, but there are so many. Like for posting your outfit for the day, there is #ootd #wiwt #wiw #whatiwore #outfitoftheday ... etc. The list is sooo long.

Anywho, since Instagram didn't feel differentiated enough for me, I didn't activly post. But now I have decided to reserve Instagram for one thing only and want to start posting to it more often. My Instgram strategy shall be: style/fashion. As in, my style/fashion. The whole "this is what I wore today" thing. I already take random photos when I like outfits I have put together, so I may as well document that. And ... I am really making more of an effort to do more layering and fun accessorizing this year. Layering scares me, I fear it adds bulk AND stretches the top layer ... but I want to do more. Random ... I know. I have great clothes and great accesories and I just want to capture that, so there.

So check out Instgram if you wanna see my #ootd or #wiwt or whatever ...

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