Saturday, January 11, 2014

Picasso, Sephora, Acne, and Me

I suffer from acne. Not the "oh no, I have my once-a-month pimple" type. Nope. I'm talking anout the deep, all over, all the time kind. The kind that has plagued me since I was about 15. The kind that goes down my neck. The kind that is so painful I sometimes wanna cry. 

Over the years I have done two things: 1) become a veritable Picasso with my makeup brushes, and 2) tried almost every regimen known. I've done prescription washes and lotions, over the counter versions, infomercial versions, many antibiotics and other meds, homeopathic vitamin combinations, and even acupuncture. I've also tried the one thing that many call a "cure", accutane. Unfortunately, I developed serious side effects after only a week. 

So over the years I have learned to hide it. I never leave the house without makeup (except for my workouts) and I spend a lot of money on high quality makeup. I have also given up on prescription pills because I don't want to fill my body with drugs that aren't even really effective. 

The past year in particular, I stopped even buying the Clinique acne three-step face wash I had been using. I just didn't see the point in spending more money when I had so many different face washes and scrubs collected over the years (I am a bit of a toiletries pack-rat). So I set my sights on just using all those up and not spending more. My acne didn't really get worse (until the last two months of 2013), but it sure as hell didn't get better either. 

But this year, as part of my New Years resolutions, I am going to give it another go. Spent hours researching a variety of brands and solutions and finally settled on the below four items. Two face washes and one lotion for bed (Kate Somerville) and one in the AM specially formulated for application before makeup (Philosophy the Present). Also, no matter how often you change your face towel, it still builds up junk on it. So, to prevent any new stuff from getting on my skin, I have switched from a towel for my face to those Kleenex individual hand towels. The ones that dispense like a tissue but are actually durable. They are soft and absorbable - one is just perfect for drying my face after washing or a shower. I really think this extra step (and expense) will help. 

One week in and my face is super dry and somewhat itchy, and my eyes are very irritated and puffy (my own fault, keep accidentally using the acne wash on them when cleaning my makeup off - a big no-no). But, on the plus side, my big cystic pimples tried up very quickly and I don't have any big surface ones right now. Also, nothing new has come up. 

Hopefully my skin will get used to the ingredients a bit more and not be as dry. That's the big pain pint right now. But so far, so good. 

Will check in again in a month. 

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