Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Great Brunch Quest .09 | Hell's Kitchen

It continues. I know I haven't been great about blogging about The Quest, but I have still been going. Just to some of the same places ... and also, to out of town places as I have been traveling. But rest assured, brunch has been done!

Two weekends in a row I went to one of the places on my list - Hell's Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis. I had been there once before and I know that I have a love/hate relationship with the place. I love the food ... but I hate (well ... let's go with "dislike") the location and atmosphere. The food is delicious, really. But it is in a basement, with no windows, and tons of rooms, and kind of cavernous. It doesn't really work for me for brunch when I want windows and sunlight and coziness. 

Location - 3.5/5
Hell's Kitchen is pretty much right in the heart of Downtown Minneapolis. Pretty darn good, but there is not that much around it really because there is not that much to do on a Sunday afternoon in downtown Minneapolis to begin with. For a weekend brunch, a location by the lakes or even in Edina or 50th and France is preferable. What are you going to do downtown after brunch? Walk the empty streets? Go to Target? Boring. Maybe you could just walk when the weather is warmer.

Atmosphere - 2.5/5
Again, I'm torn. For the idea of "Hell's Kitchen" the atmosphere is great. Really fun and totally on theme. Lots of great character and fun vibes. BUT ... I just personally don't like how dark and dreary it is and how windowless it all is. That makes me sad. I want light and airy and windows and sunlight and blue skies. That's what I think of for brunch. Also, those pictures in the bathroom just scare me. This is the kind of place to go with others, to socialize. Not the place I would go alone to study or read. 

Service - 5/5
Really good, they are always super nice. And, the waitress this time around (when I was with my mom) was not only friendly, but helpful. We planned to each get food and then share the Lemon Ricotta hot cakes, knowing that some of them would end up going home. When we said this to the waitress, she recommended the single hot cake off the kid menu - perfect for 2 people. Great reco!

Food - 2/5 
Amazing. Seriously great. Two things on the menu I absolutely love: Eggs Benedict and Lemon Ricotta Hot Cakes.

  • Eggs Benedict - 
    • One Benedict - perfect size for one person and I don't feel stuffed when I'm done.
    • The egg is PERFECTLY poached. Seriously. I have complained about this before - runny white, hard yolk. But not here. Nope. Perfectly runny yolk with perfectly cooked white. Amazing.
    • Good portion of ham that doesn't taste too salty.
    • Perfect amount of Hollandaise over the top.
    • Great hashbrowns.
  • Lemon Ricotta Hot Cakes -
    • Simply amazing. I love anything lemon, so these are simply divine to me. 
    • Just the right balance of flavors. 
    • Three is perfect size if this is your full order.
    • Tastes so good that I don't even put maple syrup on there! Butter only! Maple syrup would totally ruin the delicious lemon taste.  

Overall - 2/5
Sorry, not somewhere I would probably go again. It just didn't wow me! The menu wasn't great, the food was bland, and the location is not in my normal area. 

My mother and I enjoying mimosa's to finish up our girls weekend! Cheers!

Over on the other blog | That's a wrap

Hi all!

Go on over to my other blog (my fashion one) and check out the latest post - That's A Wrap.

Had a fun photo session in my hallway with that great art that you see - felt like a perfect fit for this dress! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Movie Review | The Monuments Men

So, this review is very delayed. I saw Monuments Men weeks ago when it first opened. But I felt no sense of urgency to post the review ... must like the movie itself.

Let me explain. I am torn about this movie. I can definitely see why it is getting the poor reviews it is and overall I think it lacks what is needed to make it a really good movie (either critical acclaim or just plain epicness). But at the same time, I personally like the subject.

What I liked:
I am a huge fan of all the actors and really enjoyed seeing them all together. I loved all the art and the idea of protecting said art - very important. I like the hint of mystery. I like the period-piece component. And I liked the overall story. 

What I didn't like:
It was slow overall. No sense of urgency. I didn't really feel too much for any character - they weren't well developed. It just kind of went on and on and on. And although there were high points for me with the art ... for most I could see it all being rather anticlimactic. 

Monuments Men is good if you care about the subject and/or you want something light and easy. It kind of makes me think of Ocean's 11 ... only many years earlier ... and with slightly less young men. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Who is that actor ... you know ... the one from The Bodyguard?

Answer: Kevin Costner.

I feel like he hasn't been in any movies in a long time ... and then all of a sudden he is in three movies in the first three months of 2014. What's up with that? Jack Ryan. 3 Days to Kill. Draft Day.

Wow. Attempting a comeback, Mr. Costner?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Now and Then | Universal Studios Hollywood

I got to spend a day out in LA at Universal Studios Hollywood and was transported back in time to my last visit in 1995. Yikes! That was nearly 20 years ago. That's crazy! The place sure has changed. All the rides and names and everything. When I was little, Back to the Future and Backdraft and the like were hot and new and popular. Now it is Transformers and King Kong and others. And poor Back to the Future is just a car on the "back in the day" section of the Studio Tour.

Here are some fun now and then photos. 1995 to 2014. That puts me at 10 years old ... and 28 year old. I suddenly feel very old.

Friday, February 7, 2014

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