Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Great Brunch Quest .12 | Loring Kitchen & Bar

Another weekend, another brunch. This weekend, I scoped out another location I have already been to a few times, but isn't part of my normal repertoire - Loring Kitchen & Bar right on Loring Park, near the Walker. I should probably mention, it was the Sunday of St Patrick's Day weekend ... so that may have impacted my experience re: atmosphere. But I cannot say for sure, that place has always been busy when I've been there.

Location - 4/5
Right on the fringe of Loring Park, this place is pretty convenient for Uptown or Downtown, but not great for walking to either. But if want to spend the afternoon after brunch enjoying a walk at Loring Park or the Sculpture Garden or going to the Walker museum, this place is excellent and very convenient for those things.

Atmosphere - 4/5
When I have been here in nice weather, one of the things I like best is all their outside tables facing a nice quiet street with the park opposite. A really great place to sit outside! And they have these wide doors that open for great indoor-outdoor dining. Love that. As for the indoors, it can get a little busy/rowdy/loud during brunch peak hours (blame the bottomless mimosas). I like the decor and the overall feeling and this is a really good place to come for a social brunch, but not as much for a solo afternoon with a book. Though, I will say, they set me off in the corridor between the main dining room and the outside terrace, and it was a lot quieter out there. 

Service - 5/5
Just fine. Though I did wait about 20 minutes to sit. But I got started on my bottomless mimosa drinking and enjoying my book. 

Food - 4.5/5 
Plenty of good looking items on the menu, including an entire SECTION for Eggs Benedict. A-mazing!!! They have 4 different types of EBs - classic, biscuits and gravy benedict, huevos rancheros bendict, and jumbo crab benedict. They all sounded really good and I almost went for the classic, but decided to venture outside the classic EB box and tried the Biscuits and Gravy Benedict instead. I have tried biscuits and gravy at a few places around town and never really been super impressed. So I figured this would be the ultimate test.

Overall, I was very impressed. My plate came with two half biscuits with poached eggs and the sausage gravy. Also had a side of what was listed as hashbrowns, but were more of a cheesy potato then anything else. The biscuit was very good. The eggs were perfectly poached with cooked white and perfectly gooey and delicious golden center (yay!). The sausage gravy was actually quite good. It was not too salty or overwhelming, and there was not too much meet. Overall, I really enjoyed my choice and would definitely get it again. I would also try the other options, for sure. 
I also got the lava cake for dessert, with Izze's oreo ice cream. It was ok ... not spectacular, but it was chocolate and perfectly fine. As for the mimosa, well, it was $10 and bottomless. Need I say more? 
Overall - 4.5/5
This place is perfect if that is the neighborhood I want to be in and I think I will definitely be coming here more often in the future, especially when the patio is open and I can enjoy a post-brunch walk around the parks. I was very impressed. But again, more of a social brunch place versus a solo afternoon with a good book.

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