Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Awesome Movie Memory | Dark Knight Trilogy

I have a lot of very fond memories that have to do with movies ... because I love the movies so much.

But one of my all time favorites is definitely the night my dad and I did some serious father-daughter bonding time with a Dark Knight trilogy, culminating in the release of Dark Knight Rises. Ahhhhhhhh.

These movies are awesome on their own ... but together ... in IMAX ... OMG. Simply amazing. Nearly nine hours (plus breaks) of movie magic. Seeing them like that back to back to back and really seeing how the stories connect and flow and how the characters evolve was fabulous.

Why am I all nostalgic over Dark Knight tonight? Because Rises was on while I was running today.

If anyone from AMC is reading this, you should really do another trilogy showing ... you would totally sell tickets no problem. Just sayin' ...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Maybe I'll Go

Sometimes you just need to go back to your old favorites. 

Cause you all you were doing is being yourself.
Trying everything to succeed somehow.
But that's not the way things are right now.
Feeling kind of lost.

Just once, I want my life to be like an 80s movie.

Whatever happened to chivalry? Does it only exist in 80's movies? I want John Cusack holding a boombox outside my window. I wanna ride off on a lawnmower with Patrick Dempsey. I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside the church for me. I want Judd Nelson thrusting his fist into the air because he knows he got me. Just once I want my life to be like an 80's movie, preferably one with a really awesome musical number for no apparent reason. But no, no, John Hughes did not direct my life.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Movie Screening Review | The Other Woman

I am a big advocate of judging a movie based on what it's supposed to do/be. Not every movie is made to have a unique plot or amazing direction or complex editing. Some movies are just meant to be light-hearted and fun. And that's what this movie delivers on.

And it delivers well ...

I laughed. I really did. Sometimes at things that were just plain gross. Cameron Diaz acts well as the aging, slightly bitchy cold woman. Leslie Mann is hilarious as the bubbly, cooky and scorned (but in a hilarious and crazy way) wife who is being cheated on. And Kate Upton is ... ummm ... Kate Upton. She actually is super cute and lovable, even though you maybe don't want her to be. 

If you are just looking for a good laugh on the weekend and are in the mood for something lite and frivolous, this works. It's funny. It's simple and somewhat original. And the three women play well off each other. 

It works. 

Friday, April 18, 2014


Tonight was what can only be described as a "calorie-fest". A friend and I were pursuing some recipes/recipe videos the other day and we found ourselves both saying "these look good ... but I never make them ... and I have no reason to because I just wouldn't for myself." And then it hit us! Let's have a recipe and movie night and make a bunch of them and just indulge.

So we did. 

And that night was tonight.

We made a three main recipes that neither of us ever had, all involving Pillsbury crescents and biscuits. These are the three we made, and they were all delicious and super easy!!!! Of the three, we both agreed that we would totally make the Pizza Bake again.

I didn't take many pictures of us cooking these because, well, my hands were busy.

But, I did take photos of the dessert we made - No Bake Oreo Truffles. Super easy and delicious! Got the recipe over on the blog Chef in Training. Check out the recipe here

It was so easy. All we did was take Oreos and food process the heck out of them until it was a fine powder. I don't have an actual food processor, so it was a two step process for us with a chopper and a whimpy food processor. But it all worked out. Then mash up the Oreo with cream cheese. Roll into balls and freeze for 15 minutes. Then dip in chocolate and refrigerate for another 15. Boom. Amaze-balls. Literally ... amazing little balls of delicious! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Movie Screening Review | Transcendence

Oh dear.

That about sums up my thoughts on this film. Well, that and, I'm bored.

I had high hopes. This is Wally Pfister directorial debut, and there were high hopes for him. Pfister has been the Cinematographer on Nolan's amazing movies, so you know there is talent there. And, he has been learning from one of the best Directors out there ... Nolan himself. Unfortunately, he just doesn't deliver on this movie. 

Dr. Will Caster (Depp) is a brilliant researcher who is getting really close to making the ultimate AI systems that can think like a person. But, there is a group of terrorists (RIFT) who believe all this new technology is just too much and it needs to be destroyed. So in a coordinated attack, then kill Caster and take down laps and researchers across the country. As Caster is dying, his loving wife and brilliant friend try to take his mind and download it to the AI system. And it works! So then you have a brilliant AI and a wife who is still in love with her husband and a crazy lab out in the middle of no where. Let the shenanigans commence. 

But really, it's sci-fi. So yeah, you know.

The movies just doesn't hold together well. Although it tackles some interesting topics, it doesn't really feel like it does them justice. I just don't like the characters or "get it". Ooops.

I am not a huge Depp fan. I like Captain Jack Sparrow ... but I could take or leave Depp. And in this case, he just doesn't give me anything extraordinary. But, I will say, I love to look at/listen to Paul Bettany, so that was a pleasant distraction.

But overall, I was making a shopping list in my head for a good portion of the movie ...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mexican Village | Ole!

I grew up for most of my life is a medium-sized town in Southern Minnesota (Mankato ... for those who know their Minnesota locations). About 50-ish thousand people I think. Big university. A couple of high schools. Big enough to not know your neighbor. And, only an hour and a half from the Twin Cities (and an international airport) - thank god. 

Mankato has come a long way since I was young, that's for sure. They have more nice restaurants now, to be sure. But when I was growing up, there was the Applebee's, the Red Lobster, and this local place called Mexican Village. For the latter ... think totally over-the-top fake Mexican.

Mexican Village was a fun place to go, a special-occasion place to go. When it was your birthday, they would come around with a sombrero and sing Happy Birthday. You'd put on the sombrero and they would take a Polaroid pic that you got to take home in a little card holder. I have some good memories there. We had a big party there once that had special meaning for my family. We took my grandma and grandpa there when they came to visit from Europe. Etc. Good times.

The other days, thanks to my FB feed and all those people I am friends with from Kato, I found out that Mexican Village is closing in May after 33 years. Sad. I hadn't been there in years, but it felt like the end of something. It got me to thinking about the decor and all my memories. 

So, when I went to Kato this past week, we made it to the Village on Friday night. The place was packed! Apparently, this is a result of the closing news ... it had been pretty quiet before that. But the place was just as I remember. Right at the door, in the waiting area, there is this mural of town-center-type scene from Mexico with ALLLLLL sorts of famous people painted in. Hello Kitty. Princess Diana. Captain Jack Sparrow. Austin Powers. Obama. Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Etc. 

Once inside, you still have the little courtyard with the fountain and fake trees. All the over the top decor and photos and frames, etc.
And let's not forget the margaritas. Brain freeze!
Keep the chips and salsa coming!
And the food. What can I say? It's food ... it's not great. It's not authentic, but it's about the experience and the memories.
Overall, I am really glad we went and got to experience the Village one last time!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Great Brunch Quest .16 | The French Hen

For a second weekend in a row I ended up in St Paul for brunch. Go figure. But unlike last week's excursion to the other half of the Twin Cities (which was a sort-of fail - check out the post on the Finnish Bistro here), this week's destination was delicious! 
Location - 3.5/5
It's in St Pau. That's all I got. Somewhere towards the Cathedral, on Selby. That's all I got. Cute looking neighborhood (that I didn't explore). But, it's still St Paul. It took my 25 minutes to get to my next destination when I was done.

Atmosphere - 4/5
Light. Airy. Cute. I like it. And you walk through a lovely flower shop to get to the restaurant, so you can enjoy fresh flowers that look and smell lovely. Light colored tables with lots of natural light flowing in form the giant all window front. All in all, a definite win.

Service - 5/5
They were super nice. I had to wait a few minutes and I felt like ever server apologized to me. And the server who helped me was just very nice and attentive (but not overly so). 

Food - 5/5 
Well, I didn't go for my norm of Eggs Benedict - it wasn't on the menu. BUT ... their biscuits and gravy were on the City Pages Top 100 Dishes in the Twin Cities (check out my recent post about that here), so I went for that. OMG delicious. The biscuit was amazing and the sausage gravy was just the right level of spice and right consistency. So good. It also came with two eggs any way you want them. I did poached (of course) and they were perfectly done. Gooey middle, cooked white. Perfect. And finally, it came with perfectly cooked and even hashbrowns. Honestly, everything was prepared juuuuuust right. I have nothing to complain about. And it was a good size portion for a good price. 
And there are definitely other things I would try on the menu. Definitely.

Overall - 4.5/5
If this place could just up and move to the Uptown/Calhoun area, I would give it a 5/5. But you know ... the whole St Paul thing. With that being said, I LOVED it and will definitely go back and definitely recommend it. Perfect for quiet brunch with friends on hanging out solo with a good book. Can't wait to go back. 

Movie Review | Captain America: The Winter Solider

So ... that was awesome.

Like ... really awesome.

Also. Anyone who is anyone knows that you wait for after the credits roll at a Marvel movie. Duh. And not just the first set of credits. But the FULL credits. I tell ya. I just wanna stand up and yell "why are you leaving? Don't you know you're about to see something good in a few minutes!". 

This movie is great. And it is even better in IMAX 3D because this is what IMAX 3D was made for. Awesome action scenes. Epic fights. Car chases. And crazy gizmos and gadgets.

Everything works really well. The actors all do a great job. The story is very well pulled together and connects nicely to past Marvel stories and there are little hints here and there of Avengers and such. But the movie also stands alone really well - you don't really need any of the others for this to make sense. And I really like how the plot seems so basic, but they twist and turn it so well.

Ahhhh. I feel like I cannot do a review of this movie justice without giving away MAJOR spoilers. So I don't think I will say anymore.

Oh ... except this. Robert Redford. Man oh man. He is getting old, definitely. BUT his hair still looks amazing AND he is a great actor. It's nice to see him in something mainstream and action adventure. 

Just, go see it. It's awesome. Trust me. 

P.S. I want some of those see-through glass monitors for my computers that are in, like, ALL the Marvel movies. Where does one go about getting those?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Little Trick to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

I love getting manicures. Love love love. Gel manicures are amazing, but they really do damage on my nails, so I save those for doing right before holidays or big events. In between I like to get a regular manicure maybe once ever 5-6 weeks. And in between those I do my own nails. Have my nails "done" is really important to me. I want to be better about not having chips and such, but I just always like to have color on my nails - hate them to be naked.

Anywho ... doing my own manicure never seems to last. My polish chips so fast. And I buy decent polish (OPI, Essie) and I do a top coat, but I am hard on my nails and they chip quick.

So the other day I read that to make your home manicure last longer, you should wipe your nails down with vinegar and let them dry before applying your polish. It is supposed to dry your nail so it absorbs the color better (i think) and also clean away oil and such so the color adheres to the nail itself versus the oil. I think ... 

Gave this a try last night. Right away I could see the difference. After they tried after I applied the vinegar, they looked "dry". As I was applying the polish, it felt smoother. Overall, it only took an extra few minutes, so it wasn't a hassle, and it seems worth it.

One day in and my nails are intact. That's not saying much ... I know. But still. I'll let you know how they look after the weekend. That'll be the real test!

The Great Brunch Quest .15 | Finnish Bistro

City Pages released a list of "Top 5 Breakfasts in St Paul". Since I am running out of brunch places in Minneapolis to try, I figured I could try of few of these. Ventured out on Saturday to do just that ... in St Paul. Oh dear.

I realize that St Paul is not that far ... but really ... it is! I feel like I really have to plan ahead and be mindful and knock a bunch of things off my St Paul list if I am venturing alllllll the way over there. Sigh. So challenging. 

This weekend I tried the Finnish Bistro in the St Anthony neighborhood. No idea where that is. I had to use my GPS. It wasn't downtown ... or Grand Ave ... or the Cathedral area. I was lost. 

Location - 0.5/5
It's in St Paul. And not even in an area of St Paul I occasionally visit.

Atmosphere - 1/5
Ummmm. Lots of wood paneling. And cheap chairs and dirty tablecloths. And random stuff. And it was an award space. The atmosphere did nothing for me. 

Service - 2/5
Hello. Could someone clear the dirty dishes from the previous occupants at this table? No? Ok then. No one cleaned my table. And I heard other people having to ask to. 

Food - 2/5 
A number of Scandavian dishes ... and I was not about to go anywhere near anything that involved elk or reindeer meat. Nope. Not happening. AND ... no eggs benedict on the menu. I got this place of house potatoes with asparagus with hollandaise sauce and two eggs. I asked for the two eggs poached. Let's review what a poached egg is: an egg that is cooked by simmering in liquid (i.e. boiling water). So my eggs came and they were fried. As in ... fried. As in, the bottom of them had very clearly recently seen the oily surface of a frying pan. They were good and cooked well, but there were NOT what I asked for - poached. When I asked the waiter about it and said "hey, I asked for poached and these eggs looked fried" his response was "oh, that's how we do our poached eggs". Ummmm ... no ... that's not how it works. Poached is poached.

With that being said. The food was ok. Just not something I would write home about. (Shit, that expression doesn't work, since I am technically writing how about it. Oh well.) 

Overall - 2/5
Between the menu, the "poached" eggs, the atmosphere, and the location, I will not be going back. Sorry St Paul.

The "List"

I was at a HH the other day and somehow we started talking about the "list". You know ... 5 celebrities ... you know. (P.S. I love that Friends episode, "I laminated it").
  1. Michael Fassbender
  2. Jason Statham
  3. Matthew Goode
  4. James McAvoy
  5. Ryan Gosling (Crazy Stupid Love Ryan Gosling ...)
I see a trend ... British ...

Wait. I'm single. So this is irrelevant. I can do whatever I want. 

New Year's Resolutions | Quarter Year Check-In

So ... it's April already. As in ... April. Like ... three months have passed in the year already. Where did March go? Nevertheless January and February. Wow. Yikes.

Anywho, like I said, it's April. And a quarter of the year has come and gone. So I thought it was worth checking in on my New Year's Resolutions. I made my resolutions this year a little bit differently. I made them very goal oriented and pretty darn specific. Number of days per week ... etc.

And another important part of this year's resolutions was keeping track. I know myself, and I know that I do better when I track things. Whether it is my running list of things to-do or tracking all the food I eat each day and all the calories I burn at the gym. I like to track ... it helps me to track. So I figured it would help me keep my resolutions if I tracked them. So I downloaded an app (Goal Streaks) that allows me set multiple goals and to set parameters for each one - only on certain days or intervals of every X days or just a total number of X days per week. I LOVE THIS. So I entered all my goals and check them off as I go. Then at the end of each day I go into the app and put an X for the day if I achieved the goal for that day. The app keeps track against my parameters and keeps a tally of how many days in a row I have done something. It shows you your current and your best streak. I thrive on that. I like seeing the number go up and it helps to think about keeping that go up instead of dropping back down to 0. It's helped. It really has. Though I admit that I have failed a bit. But overall, it has been really helpful.

So, here is a *truthful* rundown of some of my New Year's Resolutions and how I am tracking as of April 1st ...

  • Sleep "more" (at least 7 hours Sunday night - Thursday night) - Ha. Of course the one that has been the hardest is the one I put at the very top of my list. Well. I will admit I have not done a great job of this one. Some of it is out of my control ... unfortunately. I get home from class twice a week at 9:30 and then go to the gym. By the time I get back from at least an hour workout, shower, put a few things away, pack a few more things for the next day, and read a bit ... it's pretty late. So, yeah, I am not tracking to this. Sleeping is one of my biggest weaknesses. I am a night person, which also doesn't help. I get energy at midnight (which is what time I'm writing this). And I like to sleep till noon. 

  • Take vitamins daily - If this was just one multivitamin, this would not be hard. But "vitamins" for me is a cocktail of many vitamins to help my skin. And I hate taking them. Really bad. They make my stomach turn. For the most part, I have taken my vitamins about 80 days out of 90 ... but I've missed a few here and there when I plain old forgot or just hadn't refilled my weekly packs.

  • Wear my hair down and styled at least 4 days out of 5 at work - Are you laughing? Ha. Mornings are rough for me. Comes with the bad sleeping and the late nights. And then there is the fact that I workout (and therefore shower and wash my hair) at night. Then I wake up and my hair looks terrible because no matter what I do after I wash it at night, it looks like crap in the morning and it WILL NOT style. So I would need to wash it again it order to style it. That. Sucks. So I end up wearing my hair up ... a lot. So yeah, this makes more sense in context. Weekends aren't the problem because I have more prep time. I've been doing pretty well ... by best streak was 61 days in a row! Woohoo! My compromise is shampooing my hair at night after working out and then just letting it do whatever. Then in the AM I just condition it and then blow dry and style. Unfortunately, I usually only have time to run a quick straightening iron through it. Not enough time to curl it like I actually like to wear my hair. But ... one step at a time.
I prefer curly ... but it takes soooo much longer!!!

  • Do cardio workout at least 45 minutes 7 days a week - I know that 7 days a week is rather aggressive ... but my body hates me and I have a terrible metabolism ... so, yeah. I was doing REALLY well with this. Like one hour or more daily of cardio with AMAZING increases in my running speed and incline and great weight loss. I went 50 days in a row of awesomeness. Was doing sooo good. But then I got sick ... and some other things ... and I was down to only 3 or 4 days a week, and less intense. So that was disappointing. But now I am healthy again and I just checked off day 3 on my current streak, aiming for that 50!

  • Shower only 6 days out of 7 - Okay! I don't mean "shower only" as opposed to not showering. I mean it as opposed to soaking in a bubble bath. I lovvvvve bubble baths. They relax me. But they waste time. So I needed to seriously cut back. And I have. Haven't failed at this one at all! Woohoo!

  • Find a way to practice my Spanish - This one is really tabled until summer, after my MBA semester is over. 

  • Travel to at least one new country - Working on it! Booked an international trip for late spring ... but it won't include a new country. 

  • Call grandparents weekly (alternate sides of the family) - Again, context needed. My grandparents all live in Europe. Which means that I can really only talk to them during the morning hours until about 1pm. I suck at calling on the weekends (aforementioned sleeping in on weekends makes me sleep through the prime calling hours). And during the week is hard because it means calling while I am work. But I want to do better with them and be a better person. So I told myself to just do it for crying out loud! It's not that hard to do something little that makes them happy. So every week I call one side and alternate. I haven't missed a single week yet this year! That's seriously awesome!

  • Continue Great Brunch Quest - Hell yeah. If you've been following this blog you know this is a CHECK!

  • Drink less pop (only 1 day per week) - I like Coke Zero and it really helps me stay awake and alert in night class. You try sitting through a 3.5 hour financial accounting lecture at 8:30pm. But it's a slippery slope. I buy pop and say "only one can on class night" and then it becomes one per day period. Then I need one to get through the afternoon. Pretty soon I'm buying it by the case from Costco (true story). So far this is going well. Will be even easier when semester is over.

  • Use special acne face washing regime - I've blogged about this before. After giving up and pretty much anything to help, I was just using whatever washes and lotions I wanted for my face. This year I threw all that out and invested in great products specific for my skin type. Two types of washes and two types of lotions and a fresh disposable towel to dry my face each and every time. It's working well (though costly) and I have seen a difference on my face. 

  • Bring lunch to work 4/5 days a week - Check! Saves money ... and calories ... 

  • Have more fun with fashion/clothes/style - This is easier when I feel good about my body, and I have been (for the most part). With my thinner-self comes more fun with mixing styles and layering and experimenting with style. It's been going really well! And I even re-started my never-used Instagram account and am focusing it on daily style #ootd, and I started a blog about it too. I'm having fun and really enjoying mixing an matching and playing around in my closet, and buying new things of course! Getting compliments is always nice too! It has a nice circular effect ... great style daily makes me stand straighter and feel more confident which makes me want to keep feeling it which makes me want to go to the gym. For the most part, this works, though I will admit my weight will always be a bit of a struggle.

  • Do a good job of tracking and checking in on my resolutions - Boom!

P.S. I do have more resolutions, but I just highlighted some of the good/relevant/interesting ones here. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

City Pages "100 Favorite Dishes" of Minneapolis

So, after the Great Brunch Quest (or maybe at the same time ...) I want to start going through the City Pages list of 100 Favorite Dishes from around the city. This would be a GREAT list to explore from.

They just released #8 which happens to be one of my faves and one I have blogged about - Harriet Brasserie's Crab Cake Benedict. (see my post here)

Pretty soon their list will be complete ... and I definitely want to explore some of these! I love a good recommendation for food. I love food! I might skip the fish though ...

Here is the main link for City Pages section on these reviews.

And the list so far. I have marked those I have tried with BTDT (Been There Done That). It is really pitiful. Gotta get started ASAP trying the rest!
  • No. 100: First Course's blue cheese fried olives
  • No. 99: 7th Street Social's curd and gravy fries
  • No. 98: Morrissey's corned beef and boxty rolls
  • No. 97: Meritage's Oysterfest oysters
  • No. 96: Town Hall's soft pretzels BTDT
  • No. 95: Marvel Bar's pickled egg
  • No. 94: World Street Kitchen's kimchi scone
  • No. 93: Devil's Advocate's cheesesteak
  • No. 92: Eat Street Buddha Kitchen's banana cream pie French toast
  • No. 91: Cedar Inn's Buffalo wings
  • No. 90: Asian Invasion's bulgogi tacos
  • No. 89: Cause's Coca-Cola pancakes
  • No. 88: Butcher and the Boar's suicide tacos
  • No. 87: Ward 6's beef fat-fried fish and chips
  • No. 86: Mesa Pizza's macaroni and cheese pizza BTDT
  • No. 85: Daily Diner Frogtown's chicken and waffles
  • No. 84: Bar La Grassa's gnocchi with cauliflower and orange
  • No. 83: Groundswell's chai cinnamon rolls
  • No. 82: Keys Cafe's Eggs Benedict
  • No. 81: Marla's doubles
  • No. 80: Lake & Irving's lemongrass "tea"
  • No. 79: Bacio's crispy ahi tuna spring roll
  • No. 78: Potter's Pasties' Thai veggie pasty
  • No. 77: Cafe Latte's turtle cake BTDT
  • No. 76: The Mill NE's cheese curds and beet ketchup
  • No. 75: Sonora Grill's empanadas
  • No. 74 Spill the Wine's Brussels sprouts hash
  • No. 73 Bluestem Bar & Table's Milky Way tart
  • No. 72: Honey & Rye's baguette
  • No. 71: Quang's pho thap cam
  • No. 70: Indeed's L.S.D. Honey Ale
  • No. 69: Emily's Lebanese chicken and rice
  • No. 68: Punk Rawk's smoked cashew cheese
  • No. 67: Good Day Cafe's Izzy's fried egg sandwich
  • No. 66: Fork in the Road's Freschetta sandwich
  • No. 65: The French Hen's biscuits and gravy BTDT
  • No. 64: Holy Land Deli's baklava BTDT
  • No. 63: Giggles' walleye cakes
  • No. 62: Marin's scallops with fingerling potatoes
  • No. 61: Paulette Bakery's chocolate croissant
  • No. 60: Wuollet Bakery's carrot cake
  • No. 59: The Tangiers' Bianca flatbread
  • No. 58: Nico's Tacos' pozole
  • No. 57: Blue Point's pear and blue cheese pizza
  • No. 56: Verdant Tea's curry soba noodles
  • No. 55: Sandcastle's American Indian fry bread
  • No. 54: Craftmade almond toffee
  • No. 53: Filfillah's shawarma
  • No. 52: The Wienery's drive-in fries
  • No. 51: Trung Nam's almond croissant
  • No. 50: Berry Sweet Kitchen's egg sandwich
  • No. 49: Al's Breakfast's bacon waffle
  • No. 48: Moral Omnivore's BLT
  • No. 47: La Loma's Tamales BTDT
  • No. 46: Band Box Diner's Lunch Box burger
  • No. 45: Pig Ate My Pizza's hog tots
  • No. 44: Curry Diva's shrimp at Highland Grill
  • No. 43: Grand CafĂ©'s fondue
  • No. 42: Saffron's Heart Beets
  • No. 41: Chatterbox's pork and waffles
  • No. 40: Crema's affogato
  • No. 39: Broders' quadrucci con pollo
  • No. 38: Matt's Bar's Jucy Lucy
  • No. 37: Chef Shack Ranch's chicken wings
  • No. 36: Groundswell's veggie burger
  • No. 35: Las Teresitas's chorizo taco
  • No. 34: Cafe Levain's onion soup
  • No. 33: Kramarczuk's cabbage rolls BTDT
  • No. 32: Hello Pizza's smoky greens salad
  • No. 31: Fasika's zilzil tibs
  • No. 30: Tilia's butternut squash soup
  • No. 29: Heartland's apple cake
  • No. 28: Foxy Falafel's cheese curds
  • No. 27: Victory 44's pate
  • No. 26: Mona's grilled cheese
  • No. 25: Eli's pork belly sliders
  • No. 24: Lake & Irving's mushroom fries
  • No. 23: World Street Kitchen's BBQ Beef Yum Yum Bowl
  • No. 22: The Kenwood's smoked trout hash
  • No. 21: Birchwood Cafe's savory waffle
  • No. 20: Coup d'Etat's Duck, duck, grey duck
  • No. 19: Zen Box Izakaya's Wantan Shoyu Ramen
  • No. 18: Haute Dish's tater tot hot dish BTDT
  • No. 17: The Rookery's Egg
  • No. 16: UNION Fish Market's razor clam crudo
  • No. 15: The Mill NE's smoked pork crepes
  • No. 14: The Rabbit Hole's haemul pajeon
  • No. 13: Meritage's moules frites
  • No. 12: Black Walnut Bakery's kouign amann
  • No. 11: Bachelor Farmer's brunch cart
  • No. 10: Strip Club's tartare egg rolls
  • No. 9: Salty Tart's cream-filled brioche BTDT
  • No. 8: Harriet Brasserie's crab cake benedict BTDT
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