Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Little Trick to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

I love getting manicures. Love love love. Gel manicures are amazing, but they really do damage on my nails, so I save those for doing right before holidays or big events. In between I like to get a regular manicure maybe once ever 5-6 weeks. And in between those I do my own nails. Have my nails "done" is really important to me. I want to be better about not having chips and such, but I just always like to have color on my nails - hate them to be naked.

Anywho ... doing my own manicure never seems to last. My polish chips so fast. And I buy decent polish (OPI, Essie) and I do a top coat, but I am hard on my nails and they chip quick.

So the other day I read that to make your home manicure last longer, you should wipe your nails down with vinegar and let them dry before applying your polish. It is supposed to dry your nail so it absorbs the color better (i think) and also clean away oil and such so the color adheres to the nail itself versus the oil. I think ... 

Gave this a try last night. Right away I could see the difference. After they tried after I applied the vinegar, they looked "dry". As I was applying the polish, it felt smoother. Overall, it only took an extra few minutes, so it wasn't a hassle, and it seems worth it.

One day in and my nails are intact. That's not saying much ... I know. But still. I'll let you know how they look after the weekend. That'll be the real test!

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