Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I'm mad at myself

This is not an uncommon state of affairs, trust me.

But I really wish I could do better and get off the roller coaster.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The 14 things that suck about being a night owl

I've mentioned this before, but I canNOT fall asleep at night. And I have the worst time waking up in the morning. Any chance those two are related? Probably ....
Here are the top 10 things that just suck about being a night owl:
  1. You have some of your best working time and energy between the hours of 11PM and 2AM, which means that is the time you find yourself working on powerpoint decks for work or writing up case studies for school or cleaning the loft. All those things happen when everyone else is already fast asleep. And inevitably you have a hard time getting any of these things done during normal business hours. Great. 
  2. Because of #1 above ... it's really hard to wake up in the morning. Like, really hard.
  3. And since you do HAVE TO wake up (for work ... no biggy), that means that you are generally only running on 4-6 hours of sleep. 
  4. And when you do finally manage to wake up, it's usually (always) late. Which means you a) never have the time to do your hair properly or b) really think through creative outfit and accessory choices like you would like and c) are inevitably rushing through your entire morning and speeding to the office and d) you never do those morning workouts the magazines are telling you are so much better to get you burning calories all day long. 
  5. And since you aren't one of those early-to-work people, it makes it appear to your co-workers like you are just a slacker who is lounging around and can't make it to work on time. Believe me ... if I COULD ... I WOULD. 
  6. And people always seem to think that you just need to set your alarm earlier. Oh yeah ... why hadn't I thought of that!!! Do you know how many alarms I set each morning? 6-10! That's as many as 10 different alarms across three actual devices to go off at different types with different sounds. 
  7. Also, people say "just go to bed earlier, you'll fall asleep". Oh really??? Because all I can seem to manage to do if I somehow manage to get myself into bed early is to stare at the ceiling and toss and turn for hours. People just don't seem to "get" that it isn't really by choice that this happens. It's not like I want to be a night owl, I just am. Believe me, my life would be easier if I wasn't.
  8. And what happens come Friday after multiple nights of 5 hours of sleep? You crash ... hard. Which makes your social life pretty limited. Friday night is the one night a week I seem to be able to fall asleep early ... go figure. 
  9. Then, when you do fall asleep early on Friday (finally), your body makes up for those short sleep cycles by sleeping for 12-14 hours straight. Seriously. Waking up at noon or later is pretty much my norm for Saturday and Sunday.
  10. And then by the time you shower/dress/do your hair like you never have time to Monday-Friday/go out to brunch/see a movie/do some shopping, it is 8PM and you wonder where the day went. But don't worry ... because now is when night owls get things done. Time to go to the gym and/or clean the apartment. 
  11. And because you slept so late Saturday morning, you REALLY cannot fall asleep that night, so you stay up even later. Which is ok, because you didn't get home from running errands till so late that you need those extra night-owl hours to get some things done around the house. 
  12. Which means that Sunday you wake up even later. 
  13. Which means Sunday night is really a disaster because there is NO falling asleep. Especially since you have the work week looming ahead of you as well, which makes you even less excited to fall asleep.
  14. Which makes Monday really really bad because you are probably coming off of the shortest night of sleep of the entire week.

See why being a night owl can really suck? And you know what makes this even worse? I cannot stand the taste/smell of coffee, so that means I can't even enjoy a caffeine kick to get me moving in the morning. 

But hey, I get to write awesome blog posts like this at 1:45AM. So ... there's that. 

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