Thursday, June 5, 2014

Movie Review Catch Up | X-Men - Godzilla - Spider-Man 2 - Neighbors - Belle - Million Ways to Diet in the West - Million Dollar Arm

Well, things have been a bit crazy lately. Yeah ... definitely.

Finishing up the semester with projects, finals, write-ups, etc. Lots going on at work with our planning season. And a big vacation and all the prep needed for that in order to feel good leaving. 

But in the midst of all that, I still found time to go to the movies! But, I didn't find time to blog about my review. Hey ... somethings gotta give.

So, before I move on to new movies, I thought I would jot down some quick thoughts on the seven I saw in the two weeks before my vacation. 

X-Men Days of Future Past 
So good!!! Like ... amazingly good! I loved it and definitely recommend it! I saw this on Thursday at midnight (right before flying to Europe the next day) because there was NO WAY I was leaving the country for two weeks without seeing this movie first! I proceeded to watch all the other X-Men movies that night when I got home straight through. Wow!!! Good story, great acting. Everything was great about it. And ... hello! Michael Fassbender! James McAvoy! Ahhhh!

I enjoyed it and am glad I saw it on the big screen. It worked, mostly. But it didn't really do it for me that much. It was just OK, I guess. I don't know much about the Godzilla of past, but I guess I didn't really know what to expect. I definitely didn't think Godzilla would be the good guy. 
Spider-Man 2
So good! I really like the new Spider-May series (I was never a huge fan of the old one). I really like Andrew Garfield and the fact that he and Emma Stone are a couple in real life is just so cute and makes this even better! But (SPOILER) I am really said about the ending! I mean, I knew that is what happened, but I was still hopping somehow it wouldn't happen!!!! Ahhhh!!!
P.S. Love the SNL skit these two did together about the kiss. Hahaha. Watch here. 
It was definitely good. Definitely. But, I expected it to be better. But it was good. Definitely good. 
I enjoyed this as I really like period pieces. And the story was beautiful and one I had not hear before. But, that being said, it is not for everyone. Could wait for rental. 

A Million Ways to Die in the West
Good, but gross. To be sure. Crude humor. 
Million Dollar Arm
Family friend. Looooong. Ok. 

And, a few movies I have recently seen on DVD or in-flight ...

Enders Game
Didn't really do it for me. I hadn't read the books and I didn't really enjoy this. 

The Book Thief 
Emotional, to be sure. Good, for the most part. But ran way too long for me. 

Veronica Mars
Never seen the TV show, but the intro of the movie does a semi-good job of filling in enough blanks to watch the movie and understand it. I like Kristen Bell a lot, and I enjoyed the movie. Also, because of all the voice overs I kept thinking "I should watch Gossip Girl again". Also, love the cameo from real-life husband Dax Shepard. Ha.

Oh Colin Firth. I love you. I really really really love you. Ever since P&P and Mr Darcy. And through all your amazing performances in The King's Speech and A Single Man. But this movie just doesn't work. At all. It was bad. Sorry. 

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