Thursday, July 24, 2014

50 Shades of Grey | Frame by Frame

Oh Fifty. Fifty, Fifty, Fifty. Of course I've read them! Haven't you? They are so bad that they're hilariously good. I mean really, come on! The writing is terrible and the dialogue is corny and at times I hate the characters ... but it's easy, light, fun, breezy and oh-so-good in a bad way. 

I love reading and can be found doing it every. Single. Day. A lot. I read while I do my cardio (1-2 hours daily) and again before bed since I have a really hard time falling asleep (another 1+ hours). And on the weekends I read over brunch or while sitting at the lake, etc. You get the idea ... I read a lot. Which means I need a lot of books. I will read pretty much anything.

I grew up and still adore the classics. Jane Austen is a favorite (duh ... I am a woman after all). Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favorite books. I love the work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. And Jules Vern. You get the idea. I also absolutely adore light chick-lit ... especially if it takes place in London or anywhere outside the US. All Sophie Kinsella's books and anything similar. And these days I'll take anything if it's on my Kindle. Everything from Gone Girl to Fault in Our Stars to ... well ... 50 Shades of Grey. 

Honestly ... if it gets me through 1+ hours a day on the treadmill each and every day, I'll read it. 

So anyway. Yes, I have read 50. And yes, I am really looking forward to the movies.

The trailer came out today (duh) and it totally lives up to my expectations and makes me excited for Valentine's Day (something I thought I would never say). As I watched it the first (and second ...) time, I noticed a few things here and there and thought it would be fun to do some frame by frame commentary of my thoughts. How it compared to what I thought form the book, etc.

Here we go ....

Can we pause first and discuss the music? I mean, wow. Great use of that slow and dark remixed Crazy in Love. Seriously. Well done. 

[Pause to drool over Jamie Dornan's abs]

And so it begins. Grey's office and perfect little blonde at the beginning is just what I expected. The office itself is clean and simple. I like how they have him just looking out at the skyline and you can't see his face ... as though we don't know what Dornan looks like. Ha. 

"Mr Grey will see you now" ... indeed. 

Totally random, but in the book I swear they sit on a white couch. There' s no couch. I remember the silliest details ... I know ... story of my life.

And ... there he is. I really didn't have much of an opinion going into the casting here, but I like him. He works. My only complaint is that he is a little too baby-faced. But, when the shirt comes off, it all just works. 

"There's really not much to know about me. I mean look at me"
"I am."
Oooooo. Such deep dialogue. 

And Anastasia. Plain-Jane Anastasia. Yup. that outfit sucks. And so does her hair. And she is appropriately timid and shy. Check, check, check.

Remember how I said I remember the silliest details? Yeah, well. The photo shoot in Portland is supposed to be in one of the hotel's suites ... not a big conference room. Just sayin' ...

"What is it about elevators."

And Charlie Tango. Such a great way to travel. So efficient. And let's not forget about the yummy man next to her. 

The tortured soul at the piano. And from what little we see of the great room in his apartment at Escala. Nice views. Crazy floors. Huge windows. Big piano. Brooding bad boy. Check. 

I was a bit confused at first thinking this was Grey's room. Too feminine. But it's her room at his place. Duh.

Dinner with the fam. No biggy. Personally, this seems a little formal. I pictured his family and the dinner scenes more casual. Just my opinion ... 

Gliding. Totally wanna do this now! 

Yes please. 

Oh man. Hope you know what you're asking for Anastasia. First look at the "red room". 

Post "red room of pain". The apartment is just like I imagined - all white and open and clean lines. And, those jeans. The jeans she is always talking about. The "red room" jeans. 

All in all, it looks pretty true to the book. 
I think the actors are well cast and from this 3 minute trailer they seems to do a nice job in the roles.
And the dialogue in the movie is just as bad as that in the film (just like Twilight ...). 

So, if you are too fancy for this, so be it. But for the rest of us ... I am going to enjoy giggling through it all. 

UPDATE 7.29.14
This BuzzFeed post is awesome. Must read!
14. There would be a winky emoticon after basically every sentence in this script.

When I first read 50 (right when it was just getting big), I went to Seattle right after. Yeah ... I had to go to Escala. Obviously. 

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