Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Challenge | Cut Back on Spending

I'm broke.

Not like "broke" broke. But broke enough. I pay for my MBA out of pocket ... my grand European adventure last month cost more than expected ... I like to eat out ... I like to go to movies and plays ... and I like to shop. So, yeah, I'm broke, but it's my own fault. I'll survive, but things are tight.

And with the semester coming up again in September and some possible trips coming up for the fall, I need to just buckle down and save some money. I use a great budget app and have calculated out that I can still have some fun and spend some misc dollars here and there AND still save a good chunk, but I gotta stick to the budget!

So July has official become "no random shopping and keep the budget in control month". Yup. That's the official name ... trademark pending.

What that means:

  • No more clothes/accessories - I have plenty. I have plenty I have never even worn. Better than doing more shopping, how about I just workout like a crazy person and fit into my smaller clothes that I haven't worn in ages. Plan!
  • No beauty upgrades - Skipping the partial foil and manicure this month. 
  • Cut back on dining out - I can still have my Sunday brunch (duh) and maybe eat out one other time each week, but let's keep it to just those two.
  • Movies are still in scope - duh. But it's a slow month ... shouldn't be more than one per week.

So, yeah. If I can do those things, I should be able to save a good chunk this month (in theory, enough for a plane ticket to Europe and far far away from here).

So here we go ... day 1 ... GO!

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