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Top 10 | Why I Want To Be Annie Walker

At some point, I'll do an entire post about why I enjoy USA channel's originals shows. But for now, I just want to focus on one: Covert Affairs. Aka: the Annie Walker adventure.

Awhile back I discovered Covert Affairs and quickly caught up on the first season on Amazon streaming and have been addicted ever since. Seriously, this show is made for me! It has absolutely everything I love. It's like SATC meets Spy Game meets James Bond meets perfection.

If you haven't seen or heard of Cover Affairs (huge loss), here is the basic premise: Annie Walker is a field operative for the CIA. The show is based on her life in the CIA and the operations she runs and her relationships. There are usually smaller arcs for a single or multiple episodes, and some longer full season arcs as well that thread everything together. Through it al, Annie has her faithful (and blind) handler at Langley - Auggie. She also has her boss and her boss's boss - Joan and Arthur Campbell - and some others. She also has personal relationships with intense men ... though often times the lines between personal and professional blur with these men. Oh, and she has amazing clothes, shoes, and handbags. Boom.

If that's not a recipe for an awesome hour of television each week, then I don't know what is.

And each week while I watch the show, I say to myself (or out loud ... you know ... to my TV), "I want to BE Annie Walker". And it's true! Give me some training and a CIA badge and set me loose, cause this sure looks like fun!

So, here are the top 10 things I love about Cover Affairs. Or, "why I want to be Annie Walker":

1. Amazing adventures 
To say that her life and career are merely exciting would be a gross understatement. Annie leads a life that defines adventure. Her job is to go out and basically find and get into trouble. To partake in car chases in exotic locations, evade local police, seek valuable information, follow her gut, jump out of airplanes, and even fake her own death. She gets to pick up and go whenever she is needed or wants and adventure is almost always guaranteed. She is independent and has the trust of her superiors to track down leads, run her own opps, and even go off the grid.

2. Exotic travel
Self explanatory. Much of her work takes places out of the country. One day she is clocking in at Langley, the next she is on a plane to Amsterdam/Hong Kong/Columbia/Paris/Dublin/you name it. And she gets to go off the beaten path. And have the amazing adventures noted in #1 above.

3. Intense relationships
There are two kinds of relationships - romantic and work/friends. Annie has amazing ones on both sides. Within her work relationships, she has people who trust, respect and admire her, which leads to amazing assignments and certain freedom with the agency. And on the romantic side, well, what can I saw. The woman has got it good. Every man she seems to go for falls for her. From the bad boys to the good. And they are all so full of adventure themselves, the fit her life perfectly. And although she has yet to find "the one" (I think she did, but the show cruelly took him away), she sure is having fun looking along the way. And with every relationships, she discovers more of herself. She finds these amazing men that respect her, challenge her, embrace her need for adventure, and compliment her in every way. Sigh.

4. Playing a role
Who wouldn't want to be a reporter on assignment in Paris one day, a call girl in DC the next, and a rep for the Smithsonian on a buying trip to London after that?

5. A sense of purpose
She is making a difference. Doing something. Protecting something.

6. The men 
In her line of work, you meet men that are a little on the bad boy side. Ok ... more like a lot. But you know what? That's a good thing. Nothing boring about her men. They are all just like Annie - seeking an adventure (and looking might fine while doing it).

7. Trust
Her superiors at the agency trust Annie and her skills. They give her independence, allow her flexibility and let her follow her instinct. Yes, there is protocol, but Annie has an amazing instinct that hae led her to make the right call more times than not. Also, she is amazing at getting others to trust her. Very important when part of your job and getting people to trust you, put themselves at risk for you and becomes assets for the CIA.

8. Language skills ... and other skills in general
Six languages. NBD. And they all come in handy on those exotic travels and awesome adventures. No to mention other great skills and training like evasive driving, marksmanship, lock-picking, forgery, picking pockets, interrogation, and whatever else they teach on "the farm".

9. Cover at the Smithsonian 
Although Annie takes on make covers, her main one is as an acquisitions expert at the Smithsonian. So, that's pretty awesome. Access to amazing art, the occasional buying trip to maintain her cover, and getting to work in the art/museum world (sort of). Considering my love of art and art history major, I love this!

10. The wardrobe ... the hair ... the glamour!
Whether it is a perfectly tailored suit and classic Louboutins at Langely. Or an amazing evening gown for an undercover opp at the embassy. Or perhaps boots and a jacket and scarf while tracking down a lead in the dessert. Or even a sundress and espadrilles in Cuba. Annie makes it look good. She does for the CIA what James Bond does for MI6 - makes it look glamorous. Seriously. I envy her wardrobe. And her hair.

And ...

If the soundtrack to Annie's life is anything like the soundtrack for the show, that's an awesome added perk. Here is one of my favorite songs from recent episodes that is now on repeat in my playlists.

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