Sunday, October 5, 2014

What A Weekend | AKA: the one where I ran a 10K, got a tattoo, partied, saw Gone Girl and studied

This weekend is one for the record books. Well ... at least one for MY personal record books.

Here's how it went down ...

Friday started off pretty darn awesomely my heading out to see the highly anticipated Gone Girl. It. Was. Awesome! Seriously good. Love the book. Love the story. And now love the movie. Great acting and directing and a well done job all around bringing the novel to the big screen. Rosamund Pike's performance is so captivating ... the way she changes, shifts, switches gears. Wow.

Then, onto Saturday.

And Saturday started hella early. I hate mornings. I cannot wake up early. It's impossible. But I was up at 6AM on Saturday so I could run my first ever 10K - the TC 10K that's part of the Marathon weekend. Yup. I did it! I had done a handful of 5Ks over the last few years and I run pretty regularly (but mostly just for calorie burning cardio ... not because I enjoy it or anything), but I had never done a 10K. I had run that length just once about a month ago in training for this race ... just to make sure I could actually do it. And, to top it all off, I managed to convince my mom to do it with me. She has only done the 5K I dragged her to last year and now this one, but she did GREAT!

So we were up and out the door with my dad acting as chauffeur/official bag carrier. The race started at 7:30 and it was windy and cold (40 degrees) and gross. Yuck! And then ... we were off!!!! My mom and I didn't stick together as we have different paces. But we crossed the start line together and wished each other luck and went on our way.

The race was tough and I am definitely no expert at proper pacing and strategy, but I just tried to run as fast as I could for as long as I could without falling over. I used the Map My Run app to help me with pacing and felt pretty good the whole way through. That final mile as you approach the finish line right in front of the capital is a good bit downhill ... but it is also more exposed to the wind. So that was rough. I had this sudden burst of energy at the end and went so hard and so fast, but then right before the finish line my legs gave out and I was in so much pain. But I made it! I finish my first 10K. And not only that ... I made my goal! I wanted to get under 55 minutes ... and I got 54:47. Woohoo! And my mom did 1:01:42. So proud of both of us!! My dad even got my mom on video crossing the finish line ... though he apparently totally missed me.

After rushing home to shower and warm up, we headed out for a massive (and well deserved) family brunch at Hell's Kitchen. Yum!

Then, I went on to my second adventure of the day ... my first tattoo!

That's right. I. Got. A. Tattoo!

I almost cannot believe it myself. While I'm sitting here, I have a tattoo. It's there ... forever. Eeeeeek. I have been wanting one for awhile and knew the exact location I wanted and knew the general vein of theme I wanted to do (travel, art, my passions/interests). And then I finally decided to commit. I knew I wanted to do it before my 30th birthday next summer and I thought it would be nice to do it on a day that I had other good things going on.

So I walked into Uptown Tattoo and did it. Overall, here is what I would say about it:

  • I got it on my left rib cage and everyone I talked to said that is one of the most painful places. Maybe because I was preparing myself for it to be so bad, I didn't think it was actually that bad. 
  • Don't get be wrong, it hurt, but it was manageable.
  • I don't like pain - I hyperventilate when I get shots. But I would say that getting cavities filled is probably worse then when I got done.
  • I was expecting it to feel like pokes over and over into the my skin. But it didn't. It felt more like lines being drawn on me very very deep. Like what I would image it would feel like to take an exacto knife and drawn a shape into your skin.
  • It was also over a lot faster than I thought it would be. 15 minutes maybe for the actual tattoo.
  • And, it was a little anticlimactic. Done and done. Ok ... now what?
  • The after care isn't too bad. Because it was outlines only, bandage only stayed on for four hours. Skin is a little sensitive, but not too bad. Not too red. No blood. Just keeping it clean and lotioned. And I can even workout today. 

You may be wondering what I got. Well, I debated about whether or not to really share, but I don't mind and this is clearly important enough for me to permanently ink on my body, so why not share? Below are the icons I got down a row on my left rib cage. What do they mean to me? The represent all the things I am passionate about ... all the things that make me happy and make me feel alive. They are the things that I feel excited by. That make me want to get up in the morning. That motivate me to go on each day. They are the things that make me ... me.

  • Airplane - Travel. Adventure. Culture. Change. Exploration. I absolutely love to travel and experience new things. It is at the core of who I am. 
  • Camera - Taking photos goes hand in hand with travel of course. And it is part of who I am. I see the world more clearly from behind the lens. I love to capture the moment and look back on it. Whether it is one of my expensive cameras on a trip or my iPhone on a typical weekend, photos are a part of my life.
  • Art Frame - Art is another important part of my life. Ever since I was little I have enjoyed going to museums and exploring the quite and beautiful rooms. I have explored many of the worlds most famous museums ... cried in front of Monet's water lilies in Paris ... stood in awe in front of Picasso's Guernica in Madrid ... and felt at home in front of Renoir's Piaza San Marco at the MIA in Minneapolis. And I collect art myself, and have an Art History degree from undergrad. Art is something I love, appreciate and respect.
  • Pen - I love stories. In any form. The written word whether told in a book I'm reading or a play being performed on a stage or a movie being acted out on the big screen - they are all things I love. I can often be found curled up with a book. I read while I work out with my Kindle propped up on the treadmill! I see more movies than anyone you know. And I have season tickets to the theaters in town. Not to mention by own writing here on the blog and in my personal travel journals and other journals. I love words ... (which is probably why I tend to use too many of them when I write).

I'll probably get more tattoos in the future. I have other things in mind. I want to do something very small that would go under my watch band on my left inner wrist. I also want to do something on the bottom of my foot. And having done it once, I know I can take the pain. 

So by the time 2 o'clock had rolled around I had already run a 10K, had brunch with my parents and gotten a tattoo. Exhausting. But the day was not over yet! After a lovely nap it was time to get ready and go out to celebrate one of my best friend's 30th birthday! Woohoo!

It was a great evening filled with meeting lots of new great people, celebrating one of the best people I knew, checking out some fun new places, having some delicious new cocktails and even some dancing! My long (and exhausting day) didn't really catch up to me thanks to that nap and I was able to stick it out till 2AM no problem. But ... by about midnight my tattoo was starting to itch a bit and was a little sore ... felt like someone had punched me in the side. Nothing some advil when I got home couldn't cure.

And now it's Sunday and I am at home all day trying to study for an MBA financial management midterm on Wednesday. Clearly it is going well since I am writing this instead. Ha.

All in all, a very great weekend and a weekend filled with great people, great family, great food, new experiences, accomplishment of personal goals, and FUN!!!

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