Sunday, August 30, 2015

Adult Coloring for Stress Relief

I've been stressed recently. Let's just leave it at that.

Among the many things I have done to try and combat this stress is the new trend for adult coloring with stress relieving patterns. I had quite the fun Amazon order when I got my coloring book with "stress relieving patterns" and fancy colored pencils (no Crayola here) and even a pencil sharpener. 

So, does it work? Sort of. It definitely forces me to focus and think. It is methodical. There are lines to draw in. There is no grey area. It is black and white. Pick colors and go. The hardest decision that I need to to make is what color to use. There are no meetings to discuss which colors to use. No "next steps". No "what ifs". The worst thing that can happen is I go slightly outside a line. Or that I accidentally put the same colors by each other. No decision I make here impacts anyone else or has repercussions down the road.

So yeah. It does work. But life everything else, it doesn't last forever. It only lasts one page. And then it's onto the next one ...

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