Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Table Topics | What Would You Miss About Your Home

Pick a card ... any card ...

Today's Table Topic: what would you miss most about your home if you moved. 

That's actually a pretty easy one because I love love LOVE my condo. I love MANY things about it - character, cement floors, views, location, etc. But what I love most about it and what I would miss most is the openness of it. I like open spaces, I hate doors, I don't like feeling claustrophobic. I like lots of natural light and huge windows. And my condo has all of that and more! 

I would miss the open layout and lack of doors (ok ...there are some ... the bathroom has a pocket door). I would miss the 16 food ceilings. I would miss my huge window taking up a full wall for an amazing and sweeping city view. I would miss the light streaming in through said windows. And watching lightening storms from my couch. I would miss the general openness of it all. 

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