Sunday, August 30, 2015

Table Topics | would you rather live by the beach or in the mountains

Pick a card ... any card ...

would you rather live by the beach or in the mountains 

After a few easy questions, finally a more challenging one came up. This one really is a doozy and I'm quite conflicted. I have actually thought about this one often over the years. When I am by the ocean or the sea, I love it there so much and I think repeatedly about how much I would love to live there and run by the water everyday and put my toes in the water. But ... the same thing happens when I am in the mountains.

Both the ocean and the mountains have the same effect on me. They make me feel like the world is so large and expansive. Like there is so much out there so much bigger than me. Like I could do and be anything. Like there is so much opportunity just waiting out there. Like there is so much to live for and do and explore and see and BE. 

Whether it is about looking out and endless blue or looking up at massive peaks ... that's the feeling I get. 

Things I love about the mountains: (when I think mountains, my mind automatically goes to the Alps region)
  • Hiking
  • The quite
  • Fresh air
  • The sounds of cow bells tinkling
  • Driving on hair pin turns
  • Watching cyclists going up and down 
  • Hearty mountain food
  • Mountain water falls
  • Glacial lakes
  • Green
  • Snow
  • Going up to the top of peaks 
  • The views from the bottom
  • The views from the top
  • The way you can see above the clouds when you are the top, that you can see the curve of the earth 
  • The sound of small town church - bells every hour, on the hour 
Things I love about the beach: (when I think beach, my mind automatically goes to the Mediterranean and places like Barcelona)
  • The wide expanse of never ending blue 
  • The sound of the waves
  • Walking on the beach with the water lapping at your feet
  • Picnics on the beach
  • Reading on the beach
  • Sand between my toes 
  • The views
So, basically I love things about both places. Darn.

But, I have a solution. Switzerland!!!! Specifically, Geneva or Lausanne or Zurich. Basically, a city on a nice big lake right in the midst of the mountains. That way you can enjoy the best of both worlds! And, oh yeah, I am only a short drive/train ride/flight away from the Mediterranean Sea. 

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