Monday, September 14, 2015

Baby Spice is all grown up and getting married!

This girl is my oldest friend. Known her since the first day I walked into kindergarden in Mrs. Benson's class at Hoover Elementary. Didn't speak a word of English, but I walked into class all nervous and she was one of my classmates. And she was nice.

Since then we have listed on the same street for a few years. Had lemonade stands and made up games together. Dressed up and made music videos to Spice Girls songs. Went through elementary, middle and high school together. Traveled to Italy, Belgium and France together. Survived cross country moves (on her part). Met up in Switzerland. Had phone dates. And much more.

And one of the best part of our friendship - besides the awesome shared history - is that she is the kind of friend that you can pick up the phone even after a few months and it feels like you talked just yesterday.

She's awesome. And she's getting married in three short weeks. Eeeek.

And a few weeks back we celebrated her at a fun-filled bachelorette weekend at a cabin up north. I was going through the photos to share them and was just remembering what a great weekend it was. And how much I value her friendship and love and respect her.

Erica (aka Baby Spice) - You're awesome girl! So excited for you and ready to celebrate your marriage!

The bachelorette and the bling!

Duck faces!
Snowshoeing in Colorado!
Dominating Switzerland! 
OMG ... mountains! In CO.
Well hello there Venice! 
Bonjour Paris!

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