Thursday, October 22, 2015

Being Healthy Means Being A Bag Lady

One of the things I hate most about being on the healthy train means that I turn into a bag lady Monday through Friday. Good times. 6 bags hanging on me daily. 

Being healthy means bring breakfast, lunch and snacks everyday. It means bringing my workout stuff with me. It means bags ... bags ... bags ...

Gym Bag
I don't do mornings, which means that I have to workout after work. In the past I would just come home after work and change at my apartment and then workout at the gym in my building. But, I have recently gotten into yoga which is everyday at 6pm ... so that means I have to bring my kit to change into straight from work to yoga.

Yoga Mat
Because ... see above. I know it's not a bag ... but it another thing with a strap that I have to cart with me.

Lunch Bag
Being healthy means bringing healthy food from home. And since I don't do mornings (like I said above), I bring my two hard boiled eggs to work to eat when I get there. 

Shoe Bag
I live in an awesome old warehouse, but what this means is that the parking is a little far from my actual apartment. It's all underground indoor walking, but it's a walk nonetheless. And then at my office, I always park in the far corner and again have a long walk to my desk. So I always wear flats (or boots in winter) and then change into my heels at my desk. So, I need a separate bag for my heels.

Because ... stuff goes into it. 

Laptop Bag
You can see the green strap of my fav little Tumi laptop backpack. Because a girl's gotta earn a paycheck. 

And this is every morning. Only exception is if I don't go to yoga after work, then I can skip the gym bag and yoga mat. And like I said, I have a long walk to my car and to my desk ... so my shoulders get achy. 

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