Monday, February 29, 2016

What's Working | What's Not

I've been off of Whole30 for two weeks now. in that time, there are some thing that have worked well, and others that have not worked at all. To basically sum it up: exercise is working well, food is not. That about sums it up.

Allow me to elaborate.

What's Working Well 
  • Yoga C2 - Still really enjoying my C2 practice and the peace and power I get from it. I love going to my nightly classes and finding that 6o minutes of peace. 
  • Yoga Sculpt - I only started integrating sculpt seriously a few days a week about 2 weeks ago, but I can already see it making a difference! I definitely see muscle building in my upper body and feel stronger. When I started sculpt I had to take lots of breaks and modifications. Now I am can make it through an entire class without modifying (except for push-ups ... i definitely take those from my knees the whole time!).
  • Doubling Down on C2 and Sculpt - Yes. That's right. For added intensity some days I do Sculpt and C2 one right after the other. #SweatItOut
  • Cardio - Still going strong and my running is getting better (longer, more incline, faster).
  • Tracking - Keep tracking of calories in, calories out, daily (yes, daily) weight, the classes I am taking, the cardio I am doing ... all of it. It keeps me on track. 
  • "Approved" Restaurants - And by "approved", I mean approved for me, by me! Places that I know straight away what I can get on the menu that works for Whole30 and is healthy. 
What's Working Not-So-Well:
  • Diet - I went off Whole30 and tried a moderation approach with non-Whole30 foods, but my body pretty much rejected that idea and bloated up big time. Apparently dairy, grains and sugar are not my friend. Sigh. I really miss them.
  • Sleep - Basically, I'm not getting enough of it because I have so much going on in my life recently. But after this coming weekend, things should calm down and I hope to get to be earlier!
  • Pop - As much as I love it, it's not doing me any good. It leaves me with cotton mouth the next day and bloated. Blah. 
  • Eating Out - Going to my favorite restaurants where my favorite dishes are loaded with carbs and dairy. I cannot go to these places and NOT get my favorites. So, boo. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Whole30 Successfully Completed!

If you've been following along (hi mom!), you know that I've been on a journey since the start of the new year - lose weight, look better, feel better, get healthy. Check out the original post here. All connected ... very connected. To kickstart everything, on January 11 I started Whole30 and a serious workout routine, and some other healthy new changes to my life (morning warm lemon water, take vitamins, etc). And this week I finished up the 30 days. Don't get me wrong, I'm not done! But I thought I would report out on how these 30 days went. 

  • 30 days on Whole30 eating
  • 30 days of strict calorie counting 
  • 30 days of cardio everyday ... 1 hour minimum, sometimes 2+ on the weekends 
  • Yoga 5-6 days/week. Total of 24 classes in 30 days (which, btw, takes my per class cost down to $4.80) 
  • And finally ... 20 pounds down! 

Yup. That's right. I'm down 20 pounds in 30 days! And that's mostly in the first 20 days because I plateaued for the last 1/3 of it. Woohoo!!!! You can definitely see if on me, and my clothes are fitting way looser - I have to go buy some new jeans this weekend actually!!! And I feel pretty good. 

So what comes next? Because 20 pounds is great, but my goal is 50 ... so 30 more to go by May 1. Totally doable! Here are my thoughts: 

  • Daily cardio continues with no change (well, increasing incline and pace as possible) 
  • Yoga continues 5-6 days/week 
  • I want to allow myself pop a few days a week, like when I go to the movies (had my first one last night - yum!)
  • The food thing will be the hardest, and that's where I have my highest likelihood of messing up. Losing weight is 80% about the food and 20% about the exercise. I got the latter down! But the former has always been my weakness. I know myself well enough to know I like carbs and sugar and eating out and pizza and indulging when I have a good/bad/sad/exciting/whatever day! So what's the compromise? I'm thinking I may try to do Whole30 principles 5 days per week and give myself the weekend to  indulge in an awesome meal each day. But on those days, I have to eat lite the rest of the day and workout harder than normal to compensate. (I am testing this theory this weekend). Only time - and the scale - will tell if this works. I just know I cannot give up all the good stuff forever. Life would be too boring! And mashed cauliflower is just NOT the same as mashed potatoes. And the sweetness of fruit doesn't hit the same spot as a red velvet cupcake. 

So ... onward! Will keep you posted!

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