Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bumble Bumble Buzz Buzz

I've started dating again. Yay.

Two months in and I've gone on one first date. Not so yay.

Dating is fucking hard. Online dating is fucking hard AND annoying at the same time.

I had been doing OK Cupid in the past and decided to go that route again, because why should I pay to do this? Seriously. I am not invested enough, nor do I want to get married tomorrow (I'm lookin' at you eHarmony). But the problem with OKC is all of the unwanted and downright crude and inappropriate messages. I mean, these men don't even bother looking at your profile. They just message anyone and everyone! Pardon me from not taking time to respond to your message of "ur hot" and your profile that has one photo of you with a fish/deer you caught/shot and zero useful information about yourself in the profile itself. My bad.

So a coworker turned me onto Bumble. Why not. I didn't know much about it until I got down to actually trying it out. The good thing about Bumble is that women have to message first ... guys can't initiate the conversation. But I quickly realized the bad thing about Bumble ... women have to message first! Yikes! I don't love the idea of having to take the lead and open up the lines of communication. I feel like there is pressure for me to come of up with some awesome opening line/question/message! Eeeeeek.

Once I got over that however, I jumped in. After I matched with 8 guys (yay), I messaged all of them with what I thought were solid opening comments/messages that generally posed a question to get the conversation started. My initial messages showed that i definitely looked at their profile as i tried to pull from there for my comments. Boom. Then I sat back and waited for responses and to begin what I envisioned to be some awesome Bumble bantering.

And waited.

And waited.


It took 2ish days for the first guy to respond. How disappointing. After all that (over)thinking!

Here's the run down of what happened with the 8 guys:

  • 5 never actually responded back (which is highly annoying seeing as they obviously swiped right on me, so in theory they were interested, so WHY NOT RESPOND!?!?)
  • 1 responded and was impressed with my ability to identify an obscure place in one of this photos, to which I replied and posed a question, and then he never replied again.
  • 1 responded and then we bantered back and forth over the course of a week, and just when I thought we were at the point of meeting in person, he stopped communicating 
  • 1 unmatched with me and therefore disappeared from my queue 

So that was fun. Woohoo! So glad I am back in the dating pool just to go through all that.

Since the initial 8 I have connected with a few more guys. Maybe once a week I spend 15 minutes swiping left/right. Overall, the entire experience has resulted in ONE first date (and a subsequent second date with the same guy). We shall see how it goes with this guy ... more to come ...

Jump Around ... | Alps Edition

I like jumping pics. They make me happy. And on a recent trip to Germany/Switzerland/Austria, I said "I want to take as many jumping pics as I can". Because clearly I like making a full out of myself.

And yes, I am 30 years old. Don't judge me. I'm a kid at heart.

Enjoy :)


May 1st is just around the corner and with it comes a lot of excitement. I am (finally) at the end of my MBA career and only have 1 physical lecture to sit in next Monday before graduation mid-May. I am dating again (sort of). I just got back from any awesome trip and have more great travels coming up. My family is doing well. Summer is almost here.

But hovering over all all of the awesome that is going on in my life is an underlying disappointment in myself. In my inability to stick to a healthy lifestyle. January and February were so great with yoga and sculpt and good eating and cooking and running. And then $hit happened ... life happened ... and I fell off the wagon. Sure I still exercised, mostly yoga and sculpt (and A LOT of it). But as we know from the 80/20 rule ... you can't out exercise a bad diet. And that's exactly what I was trying to do.

So here I am nearly 4 months later. I haven't gained back all the weight, but I've gained back some. All because I seem to display a staggering lack of willpower.

I can sit here all day long and say "I can start up again any time I want and drop the weigh like *that* [snaps fingers]". And maybe I can. The problem is starting. And staying the course. So in other words ... everything.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tea Time

Each afternoon I try and take 30 minutes to sit by the big windows at my office, enjoy my tea, and catch up on email. My zen time. 
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